Applying to CAF


We have finally had our certificate through from the UK stating that they are not paying is any child or family benefits and so plan (once I can get out of bed without falling over.... flu not xmas excess!) to go and register at CAF.

Has anyone already done so? If so, could you just confirm what documents were needed? Trying to be ready for anything I am taking;


Birth certificates

Red UK health book

Letter from UK

Proof of address (well it will say me and hubby as obviously kids dont have any bills yet!)

My personal details (social security etc)

Can anyone think of anything else which will be useful?

Thanks for your help

Natasha x

That was quick - I have heard of it taking MONTHS!

Ah that is interesting - I only registered as AE back in October so will take my last P45 along as well.

What a total pain - will hold on to the originals for dear life!

we’ve just had our first family payment came through 2 weeks after paperwork submitted, excellent news. Shame PAJE is per family, I’m planning on having ours close together to get the sleepless nights out of the way as quickly as possible!

Unfortunately the PAJE is per family unless you have twins! It also stops at the age of 3 - which is why the French tend to stagger their kids having them every 3 years.

I've just applied to the CAF for family allowance which I believe I am now entitled to as I've had my second child. For this I needed to provide Isabelle's Acte de Naissance (didn't need our marriage certificate apparently).

We're already getting the PAJE for Jasmine, I don't know if it's per child or per family, I'll wait & see. Fingers crossed its per child...

You do need proof of income even if you submitted it already to les impots. We gave them our P45's. They converted it to Euros presumably at the 31st Dec 2008 date (they are always 2 years behind for some strange reason). We've just had to declare 2009 income online at which was also a UK sterling amount but we converted it using 31st Dec 2009 exchange rate.

For the translation of our birth certificates (for original registration) we got the Mairie to stamp them as ok..seemed to work but be warned - we receive a quarterly letter from the CAF asking for our birth certificates translated...each time we send them the same copies - had 3 requests so far & each time the lady at the CAF says she doesn't know why they keep asking as they already have them!

Hi Natasha

here is the link for the forms to download and send to CAF

the docs you should need are a RIB, an income declaration - also from CAF, and copies of passports/birth certificates for everyone in your household.

here is the link for the 2009 income declaration which is what you are based on for benefits in 2011

hope it helps. But CAF are usually very good


Natasha, IME they also need some kind of proof of last years income - you may have thought of this in your “personal details” bit. Ideally a French tax return, failing that anything which shows income received or taxes paid. As mentioned previously their site - is useful, and it is really worth pushing - it’s not just the monthly amount, but also the allowance for La Rentree, discount for sports/leisure etc and the summer campsite allowance, it really adds up! Good luck…

Jacqui - marriage certificate is a great idea! Thanks!

Thanks Catherine - yep have got the forms I think I need but just wanted to check with others as have found when arranging other things that there is ALWAYS something that you needed to take which isnt on any list!!

LOL - thanks Hilary! Am determined to get everything done in one trip!

Marriage certificate if you have one, Decree absolute if you have one, a letter from your Mum if you have one!!

Take all the official papers relating to your family as a whole

I've found CAF to be on the whole very helpful and fairly straightforward to deal with so as Catharine says - Bonne Chance x

Natasha - you should be able to download the forms on line and they will tell you what you need to supply. Bonne chance!

…the bus fare home, to get the one thing you didn’t take? Sorry Natasha, just that every time there seems to be something else required. I think you’re doing very well with your list and I can’t think of anything to add to it, but will ponder… Good luck - Hilary