Architect in L'Herault?

Hi folks

Im looking for an architect in L'Herault - any recommendations or words of wisdom greatly appreciated. Thanks

Really appreciate all your input everyone. Now sorted!

Hi Tina,

Not sure if you're still looking, but I spent some time interviewing a few architects for a feature I was writing not long ago and came into contact with Tim Harris. He was lovely to work with and I also interviewed one of his previous clients who sung his praises. He is a skilled communicator and will help you get to the bottom of what you really want to do with your property and as he specialised in sustainable buildings years ago at uni (before it was the trend) he is experienced at incorporating sustainable, eco-friendly systems and materials into building plans. His website is here and he's based north of Carcassonne:

Good luck!


Matthew - do you have an email address for Fabienne at all?

Thanks T

Thanks for the leads folks - i will set some meetings up whilst Im there in a couple of weeks......hear its wetter there than here for a change - do take care on the roads.

I've had no reason to use an architect in France yet! I've spoken to him, although that's not much use to you!

Hi there, try Fabienne Schori in Carcassonne .She covers the whole of the Languedoc and has an English design and build

team at her disposal . She's a real professional.

Her no is: 04 68 71 24 27

Great thanks both.

I would try the mairie. They often have a list or can at least recommend you one.

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Thanks Miles - have you used him before?

Neil Vesma is a bilingual Architect, phone number here.

I know this is an old thread…but i am in the same boat. The local (very helpful Mairie) has given me a name but I’d like like to interview a couple more.

So any Architect recommendations (especially if they have done full barn conversions) in the Clermont-l’Herault area.

Many thanks.