Architect in the Dordogne

Hello. Has anybody had any experience working with an architect in the Dordogne David Besse ? I have been reading some of the problems people on here have had with various architects (not him), not doing what they say etc and I'm trying to get some background on the guy we are thinking of using. I had a number of quotes and he came in far cheaper than anyone else. It is only to get the project through planning, not to take on the whole job to completion, so should be relatively straight forward. Any info would be appreciated thanks.

No we didn't use him in the end. If you want more info please feel free to message me. K

Hi Karen,

I wondered if you used David Besse in the end and, if so, how did you find him to work with? I have had him visit to look at my project but I don't know much else about him.


I've sent you a friend request.

We have had some. The person you mention not one of them but we have heard a couple of 'moans'. We are now using Rachel Odermatt in Lalinde ( She is Swiss German but has English. Better still, her partner Jean is a builder woodworker who uses local materials, eco-friendly (he is so inclined) and his work is great - we have seen it. Rachel did a free consultation on what we need. Give her a try.

Hi Karen, obviously I don't know who you are referring to and probably best that way. I think the crux of what you need though is to be very clear which services you require of your architect and be very clear where their commission starts and ends.