Architect Recommendations!

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #1


Can anyone recommend a bi-lingual architect operating in France who has worked on old buildings with a focus on Green Energy?


Suz x

(Nickie Kirke) #2

I can recommend Neil Vesma who has just designed an imaginative yet sympathetic plan for our motley collection of agricultural buildings which will be transformed into a modern, spacious and eco-friendly home (in the fullness of time!!). We have had our permis de construire issued with no significant reservations which is quite amazing. I have recommended him to others who have hit major problems with the local planning department and hopefully he will straighten these issues out. I recommend him without reservation. You can contact him at Happy to provide more detailed feedback if you wish. You can see his plans and my ramblings about our project on our website

(kathleen hartie) #3

My husband is a british architect now working in France.

tel 05 45 91 73 90

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #4

Hi James

I’m going to contact Robert & we’ve also found - do you have any other recommendations? We’re just gathering information on fees & services at the moment & trying to get an idea of what we will need.



(James Higginson) #5


Did you find what you needed?



(Robert Morrison) #6

My name is Robert Morrison, I am a bi-lingual, Paris based architect. Current projects include a 500 year old listed house and 2 new build passive houses.
You can see some of our work here-

We may be able to help or know somebody who else who can…

You can contact me on +33 6 09 37 24 29

Robert Morrison ARB RIBA