Architects and Builders

Does anybody have any contacts for architects and builders in the Poiters area. We are planning an extension to our property and are looking for reputable but reasonable people.

I am a british architect now working in France and registered with the Ordre des Architectes, France. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

tel 05 45 91 73 90

mobile 06 81 90 18 87

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Hello, and welcome to SFN ren/con group :)

are you bothered about language with your architect/builder? ie, looking specifically for english speaking help?

I live in Chauvigny, not far from Poitiers and my french neighbour is a builder who has done a fantastic job on his medieval city home. My landlord is also a builder and has done a great job on our own flat, if you'd like to see them, or meet the owners, you're welcome to visit us. I also have a french friend with a spectacular home around the corner, and she would recommend her french architect. I will ask for contact details asap if you are interested. Most of my english friends have done DIY jobs on their own places, so are not professionals, but I think you will also find tonnes of useful stuff in the discussions on this group.

I'm also going to plug my own architectural feature mosaic work, for later, perhaps when your extention is built! because my latest project went really well and has been causing a bit of a stir around our area and I really enjoyed doing it,

Hi Joanna, are you North or South of Poitiers?

Do you need thé Architect to simply draw up thé plans or do you need them to submit any planning applications too?

Best regards

Hi Joanna. I was given, by a reliable French estate agent, the details of this architect near CONFOLENS. He may cover your area. I haven’t used him personally because my projects are not due.

Mr Daniel Antoine : -

Good luck. K. K.