Architects in Bergerac Area


We are just about to sign the papers to purchase a property just to the east of Bergerac. We did previously live in the Dordogne, but have been in the UK for the past 8 years. The house will need work though we intend to do most of it ourselves. I believe we will need the services of an architect, however, for the change of use of an outbuilding to a pool-house and the construction of a pool. Does anyone have any recommendations for an architect who is local to Bergerac, willing to work cooperatively with clients who wish to do a good part of the work themselves, who is mindful of solutions that have regard to cost and time-scales and who has a good relationship with the relevant authorities??? SO, I suppose what I'm asking for is a good all-round level headed personable flexible and communicative architect. If someone who isn't a fully qualified architect would be adequate for my purposes, (I can't remember at the moment the designations of the different levels of qualification and types/scale of work they can do), I'd be interested to hear recommendations for those too. If they could combine these qualities with being fully available to come and see us next week when we are going to be there that would be wonderful!!

Thanks for your thoughts in anticipation.


Thanks for the recommendation. Website address is "architecture" but described as ARTchitecture on the website? Anyway, I might contact them in the new year, though the projects on the site all look corporate/industrial/public rather than domestic?

Alain Arnaud a real architect who took over our architect's practice when, Sfez died too young. I have every confidence him and his équipe

He does all sorts from the grand to the small. Which is what real architects should do.

Thanks for the reply Peter. We have now met Rachel and she seems v nice.

We'll probably work with her, but shall keep a note of Francoise's contact details, just in case.



Hello, Again thanks for the recommendation. I shall probably be working with Rachel, but shall keep a note of these recommendations just in case, thanks Angela


Yes, we have now met Rachel and she seems very open.

thanks for the endorsement,


I can endorse Brian's recommendation.

Rachel traveled to meet us at our prospective property near Agen. She was very thorough in listening to our ideas and getting provisional measurements that she could work with.


There is Anglo French Architects in Eymet and Neil Vesma in Villereal.

You would find them both via Google.


We built our house a few years ago & worked with Françoise Frigo.

She lives to the West of Bergerac, but has many clients “our” side.

I live (& work) at St. Marcel du Périgord, running a gîte complex.

She fulfills all your criteria.

She does not, I think, speak too much English.

She would be an Architectural technician in Britain, but has someone to sign off larger projects.

Her email is:

Good luck!

Okey dokey, Thanks Brian.

You're welcome. Rachel is also east of Bergerac, Lalinde being a straightish line in that direction along the river.

The meetings, yes in principle. We just need to have a day and time to suit a few people and then sure thing, but we have been a bit slack of late. I suggest you let the group know when you're over a little in advance.

Oh thanks Brian. I thought you might come back with a suggestion. I’ll have a look on her website. BTW, is there still a Bergerac group meeting in the garden centre every so often?

Rachel Odermatt, she is actually a Swiss German, has French (of course) and English, have a look at her web site on , her practice is in Lalinde but that is a stone throw from Bergerac anyway. Her partner is a builder, does high quality environmentally friendly work (materials and so on that is). Both work with their clients, Rachel says it has always been practice where she worked. She did a free consultation for us last year unlike other architects who prefer to charge for a phone conversation.