Are any of you auto-entrepreneur writers?


I'm new to SFN and live in Montpellier. I've been here for four years and I'm considering joining the autoentrepreneur scheme as a writer.

Are any of you writers?

From the research I've done so far, I believe there are some specific restrictions and recommendations for writers - and I'd like to find out what exactly there are!

Can anyone offer advice on this?

thanks in advance

Thanks for the tip on the BGE - I'll check them out

If anyone else is looking for paid advice, I found a BGE advisor who does freelance work on the side and will advise ex-pats online (her English is excellent) - here is a link to her forum.

Valerie -

Hi Ann,

I'm near Lodeve so we're not too far :)

Signing up an AE regime is probably easier than registering to a Forum ::)))
That's the good news.

Have you been in touch with a network like the BGE and get some (free) counsel ?
I suggest you do this.

They can explain you very easily what statute to adopt and even in the registration.

Its not obligatory to have a separate bank account for your business activity but I would suggest you to do so from the beginning to keep all things clear and separate.

As a writer you will likely fall in the "liberale statute" and If i'm not wrong be taxed 21 something % on your chiffre d'affaire.

As a AE you cannot deduct costs.

If you have further questions, feel free to shoot but I would strongly suggest to look out for a more professional advice.

Cheers - Ivan