Are boys dirtier than girls?

My first female cat would always be washing herself, but the males only if they could be bothered!
The latest addition to chez nous is female (always washing) only the second one in the last forty years so this observation has been rather slow :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I can see this tread given the title heading going on for a while… & being re-classed to general discussions or for adults only :wink:

It’s not only washing Lily.
I have a female cat and when she ‘does her business’ outside she spends ages finding the right spot, then carefully covers up and pats down everthing when she has finished.
The neighbour’s male cat squats down l,eaves his offerings and then walks away without a care in the world, he is scruffy too ! :scream_cat:

As for boys and girls of ‘other species’ as a child, couldn’t abide being in pretty little dresses that my mother painstakinly made from cut down clothes for sunday visits to relatives. I went out of my way to get as dirty as possible en route !:innocent:


Re - cats
Girls much cleaner than boys.
Re - humans
Boys much cleaner than girls.

Aha, what experience do you base that on Peter… boys not cats ?

My boy cat seems to be washing all the time - after eating, after peeing, after pooing, before he goes to sleep, when he wakes up… even when he moves from one room to another. It’s constant. I’ve never known a cleaner cat.

I base that on my ‘experience’ Ann.
After years in the Merchant Navy I can guarantee you boys spend hours preening themselves and having the full monty before going ashore. Girls i’ve been with or have known, even cousins and neices etc spend lots less time on their appearence.
Just my experience Ann.

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Wife, daughters and grand daughter dominate the bathroom for what seems to be an eternity in preparation for going out to do a bit of shopping - Out to a restaurant, show or concert they take even longer in cleaning, preening and preparation and don’t get me started on choosing the right outfit to wear. Mind you the interminable wait is worthwhile as they always look fabulous.

Sons in law and myself can scrub up quite nicely in as little as ten minutes

Pink Floyd, dirty woman /dirty girl.


…there are probably hirja cats, and dogs and all species. Gender spectrum, no rules?

Mine have had/have clean ‘business’ habits, but the boys don’t spend much time over their grooming, especially this one

This was the extent of his grooming!


I’ve come across a few really dirty girls in my time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thank goodness for penicillin !

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Increasingly ineffective I’m afraid.

Fortunately I have no need nowadays…

I’m waiting for your memoirs to be published … :wink:

me? kiss and tell? …never :rofl:

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Mines the same, apparently it’s a sign of contentment! :smiley_cat:

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How lovely. I hope he’s happy after his big move back to the UK.

Contentment = We’ve got her exactly where we want her!:wink:
Mandy, I’m sure he will settle with a ‘mum’ like you :hugs:

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