Are SFR colluding with phone spammers?

My SFR landline is always diverted to my mobile. So how can I receive silent calls on the home phone without collusion from SFR?

Is it just me?

Is your landline on the “liste rouge” ? If not, then your phone number has probably been sold in a list of all SFR subscribers, or possibly even as a number that was being used by a previous operator and openly accessible. I have also suspected SFR of selling on phone numbers to advertisers, but am unsure how to prove it.

The home number is always diverted to my mobile, so in theory the home number should never ring. That’s why I posed the question.

No idea how it is happening - but you could always turn the ringer on your house phone “off” and the you will never hear it ring.

Bona fide calls will divert in the normal way.