Are there any other event professionals in the group?

I’m a waste reduction specialist for outdoor events. I’ve lived in France since 2006 and almost all my work is still in the UK.

I speak reasonable professional French to about level B2.

I found until COVID its not practical to fit French events into my work because I was always so busy with the season in the UK.

Unfortunately, because of the criminal shambles that currently runs British government, we’re still unable to plan or travel to our usual circuit.

So I’ve had to accept a campsite contract for summer here in France.
I’m both pleased and devastated.

It would be better if I could find work more suited to my skillshere too, but needs must and I’m glad of a job at least.

I thought it might be good to network with any event professionals here if there are any.

What events do you work in and how is Brexit and COVID impacting your work this month?

We volunteer for a couple of local events. All still postponed to the Autumn or much reduced in size, so I would have thought opportunities for new employees are still pretty limited.

No doubt Brexit isn’t going to help you work in the UK either in the future.

Presumably you know about becoming an “intermittent”? We have several friends who are, and apart from the stress at trying to meet the hours in lean years it is a truly remarkable French system that does a massive amount to support the arts. Saved them during covid! And open to technicians as well as artists, the key is live events.

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I’m just glad you found work Jo. You never know it might lead to something else. Always nice to pay bills too!

Hello Karen, yes I was thinking the same until yesterday when the camping site company started harassing me to do their online training modules before my contract has started.

I’ve politely refused to do it in my own time, whilst explaining that I love training opportunities and am impressed with them being available.

They sent me 11 identical emails saying the training needs “to be completed at the earliest opportunity”
And one last night, individually written sent after my reply, saying it’s mandatory.

We that’s great, I said, training should be, but not when I’m not being paid.
So we’ll see whether they stick to these bullying tactics or not.

It’s not a great start to a contract is it.

I thought the event industry was bad but this is no different.

Thanks for the tip it’s news to me.
All my event work is in the UK unfortunately.

I’d have no trouble meeting the requirements,

It srikes me as another example of why society in France is so much more humane than the overconsumptive capitalism of the current UK regime.

The only thing I’ve been grateful for this year from them is the right to vote them out in 2024

All those lives destroyed.

I’m sorry to be being so depressed… it’s the truth though. I’m not a happy bunny. I think it’s ok. It to be ok about covid and brexit. We’d be mad if we were.

Sadly this is quite a French thing to happen!

Stick to your guns. Though you may find either side could call it off as you’ve communicated other outside requests will be refused too.

Quite surprised that even in current circumstances they are trying this in France

I know ho you feel Jo - pretty down here too. My only light being my part time job has been extended so at least we wont’ have to sell the kids but all my teaching in school dreams up the spout!

I wouldn’t think twice about doing a bit of training before starting tbh but probably me being too laid back! My last tourism job I started the day before my contract by driving 3 hours to Hossegor. Was SO worth it as we were put up in the most gorgeous beach house, free food and wine and they paid all the tolls / km allowance etc and training started the next morning!

In 2019 our property hosted groups of paying guests who ventured mainly from America and I spent much of 2018 creating the whole adventure timing each visit to fine restaurants wine tasting and blending plus the organising and choosing of the chefs who did the teachings and what was on their menu.
The clients were collected by coach and I had planned this too including local taxi transfers.

The project was interesting and valuable for the regional restaurants etc,
Would love to do it again.
Why not, well the clients were people who were passionate about food, wine and having a great time and the other thing is that they were people who were prepared to spend rather a lot of money to come to France and indulge.
I would need to find clients like this.
Currently we are planning our move to another lovely property which is due to be ours early September,
The new property has a much smaller garden but has 2 independent houses and a tree house, Very pretty location ,
Should be doing nothing but really not good at that.