Are There Problems Parking at Bergerac Airport?

Is anyone experiencing problems with the car park at Bergerac Airport? My husband collected his brother from their last week and saw that a large area of the car park has been blocked off. We are worried as we are going back to the UK with his brother on Tuesday and my husband is concerned that we will not be able to find a parking space even if we leave really early. We live in Nerac so it is approximately a two hour journey for us. We need to take the car as it is almost impossible to travel there by public transport. Does anyone have any ideas where we may be able to park nearby if we cannot find a space. Many thanks.

May I suggest that you call the airport to ask if this situation is still in place? M. Eric Godin is in charge of parking at the airport

Arrived at airport managed to get a space but there is a lot of work going on there. Think hubby was in panic mode!

Thanks David. Yes we did phone and she said it would be OK but because of his experiences the previous week he was a bit worried. All’s well that ends well… Except the bloomin’ weather!


I had a rather unsettling experience at Bergerac airport, when I returned from the UK on the 16th Feb. My car was not parked where I left it 17 days earlier.
I could not believe someone could have stolen a Volvo, with the security it has. Then someone else told me there car was not were they left it.
Apparently as they were resurfacing and repainting a section of the car park, they somehow picked up my Volvo 4x4 and moved to under cover parking without the alarm going off, and without any visible marks that the car had been moved.

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Oh my goodness, we’ve left our car their until Saturday! Hope we don’t experience the same problem. Was your car damaged in any way?

No not at all I examined, where I assume the pick up points would be around the wheels area. Not a mark, I still do not understand how they did it without even setting off the alarm.
Now I know these cars can be stolen. The car was moved about 50m to 60m