Are these supposed to be EU regulations?

This has always niggled me … I’ve done very many building projects (2.5 houses, many paths, walls, …) but over here (16 years) it is getting too hard. Simply - why are french sacks of sand, cement … in 35kg sizes? I think lime might even be in 40 or 45kg bags. But in UK there is an ‘EU regulation on weight’ (well, not any more, but a carryover) of 20kg.

It’s always seemed to me that one of the main probs leading to the brexit vote was that Britain always adopted EU regulations, causing ridicule and annoyance, but other EU countries pleased themselves.

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As I get older the smaller sacks get mysteriously more attractive Roger…

But in the UK regulations were notoriously miss-attributed to the EU, when in fact they originated in the UK, or in a UK misunderstanding.
During the brexit period the EU compiled a huge database of these ‘euromyths’:


IMO you are absolutely right Roger. I have felt at times that the UK (apart from official derogations) implemented some EU law too enthusiastically. Other countries seem to have had more flexible and gradual adoption of some rules.

Buy unlike the UK I have always found that here a helpful person will load them for me…

Yes, they do for me … it’s the getting out of the boot of the car that’s difficult. A straight lift - ok. But leaning forwards to get hold and lift over the boot ‘cill’ …

That’s one of the delights of an old Berlingo van Roger. Easy loading and unloading…

Peter, I had a C5 break three years ago - also flat loading - even lowering on the hydraulics to help more. Much much regretted sale.

How about harmonised wiring? UK how high do we jump? France any colour of the rainbow as usual??

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I bought the Berlingo about fifteen years ago and it’s still in great nick. It’s too good to sell.

I vaguely remember 112 lb/hundredweight bags of cement.

I remember when I used to buy cement in 50 kg bags as it was cheaper than two 25kg bags. Now while I am happy to lift 25 kg bags, I ask the store assistants to help me with 35 kg bags, when buying in France! What a difference 25 years makes.