Are UK speeding offences applicable to French drivers?

I have had a French licence for ages, thanks to the DVLA not respecting the rules, and it occurred to me to wonder whether someone driving a French car in the UK with a French licence would be pursued for speed camera fines. Any idea? Not that I intend to go crazy or anything, but I hate having to drive everywhere checking the speedo the whole time.

Another thing that people may be interested to know is that when you transfer your UK licence to a French one they don’t necessarily move all your entitlements. Specifically, on mine, in the UK I was allowed to tow caravans and so on but that vanished in the translation. The reason is because new drivers don’t get this automatically, and have to do extra training and (here in France) have a medical. If you actually DO want to tow a caravan here you have a choice. Get the UK rights reinstated or do a training course (1 week, maybe 1000 euros) and then get the rights added. The way to have the UK stuff reinstated is to contact the DVLA and ask them to send you a statement of what was on your licence before it was exchanged. They’ll charge for this, 5 pounds when I did it. Then you go to the prefecture and get the appropriate form. Then you have an approved medical for which you pay 20 euros or so, and finally you fill in the form and take all the bits and pieces back to the prefecture, et voilà! I believe you need a medical every few years (maybe every 5?) for this, but you do need to remember to do that otherwise your entitlement might lapse without you realising and that could be an insurance issue in case of problems.