Are You Bothered? Yet.....?


(Véronique Langlands) #121

This is going the rounds, from what I have seen it is authentic but obv it may not after all! It is tragically semi- literate.

(Alec Gray) #122

I wonder how many GJ sympathisers have studied the statistics on France’s global ranking in terms of standard of living, purchasing g power, health care, quality of life, property price to income ratio etc etc.

Are Frances socioeconomic indicators so bad as to justify the extent of continual social unrest?

Is it just that those same security forces to whom all are so grateful for protection against random acts of terrorism, are now treated as the enemy themselves?

I wonder why so many Brits sympathise with the GJ movement when those Brits have the opportunity to return to the UK if they believe France’s socio economic indicators fall so short of their expectations.

I wonder how many people have studied the GJ ‘Official Manifesto(s)’ of demands and agree with those 25 (or more, or less, depending on which official manifesto one reads) demands. Frexit? Leaving NATO? I’ve read these (and more) among official manifestos of demands.

And who do the GJ’s want to replace Macron (if they believe he has failed their individual needs) or who do the majority of the GJ’s expect to perform better?

Does not democracy allow electors to express their dissent through peaceful demonstrations and the ballot box?

Perhaps it’s France’s form of democracy itself that’s to blame. Perhaps France would be better off being governed by the GJ’s themselves? How would they cope with some other ‘Colourful Apparel’ movement (Bonnets Rouges outfit has already taken) that take their place if the GJ movement fails to deliver.

(Simon Armstrong) #123

Get wise’ ??? FFS they’d need to have been under a rock not to have seen what’s been happening since the very start of their ‘movement’. They don’t need to form pansy circles around ‘agitators’ - they need to physically work with the police, pompiers etc to stop them destroying our towns and cities.

Even the high estimates of Jilly Joneses are really low compared to the enormous numbers of people who are not protesting and are heartily fed up with their actions. It’s not good enough for Jilly Joneses and the Unions to stand their saying ‘nothing to do with us’ when referring to ‘agitators’ - it has everything to do with them! They give them air.

Who the heck is going to pay for all the infrastructure damage? - well it won’t be the 47% of French households who don’t pay any income tax - it’ll be those of us who do…you know, the rich bastards :rage::rage::rage:

Wakey wakey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Véronique Langlands) #124

Brown trousers, perhaps…

(Dan Wood) #125

Or a black shirt or two waxing lyrical about the good old days in Vichy…

(Véronique Langlands) #126

Yes :frowning:

(Helen Wright) #127

Pansy circles…??? x :slight_smile:

Well that conjured up a vision that made me smile…so thanks for that…

I’d say that you’d have to be living under a rock not to have noticed the disproportionate amount of violence meted out by the police against French civilians…people have lost eyes through the indiscriminate firing into the crowd who are for the most part entirely peaceful…

Out of interest have there been any protests where the police were not in attendance…???

If a government has to control its people through fear and brutality then there is something wrong with that government…

I like many brits consider myself a guest in France/Brittany so it’s likely I won’t vote here either…but when I see people old enough to be my mom and dad…old enough to be grandparents…young enough to be my kids…all out there standing together week after week then I’d rather try and understand what’s wrong than insult and demonise thousands upon thousands of French people…

(Jane Williamson) #128

These are the violent ones.
How do you think your ‘Steward’s Circle’ will be treated?

(stella wood) #129

Off on a tangent, sorry… Helen, I thought you were living permanently in France… but this sounds as if you are just on a visit ??? :thinking:

(Timothy Cole) #130

Helen, are you aware that over 330 police officers have been injured so far? What are they meant to do, simply stand there and be hit with rocks and bottles or worse?

Are you also aware that the GJ’s protests have caused a spike in unemployment/social security claims as businesses have cut workers hours or laid people off?

(Helen Wright) #131

Here permanently Stella but don’t feel I have been here long enough to make any decision on voting…

(Véronique Langlands) #132

Fairly terrible here, lots of small businesses are on a knife-edge and may go under because of the disruption to business in the run-up to Christmas. Even the big supermarkets had lots of employees in chomage technique.

(Véronique Langlands) #133

Well they would help their cause better by not starting the violence, peaceful demonstrations are a regular thing. Unfortunately the GJs are such a disparate bunch that I don’t see them getting organised enough to stop the casseurs. In any case I think they condone it, whether tacitly or overtly, in an ‘us and them/ tit for tat/ look what you’ve made us do’ way.

(Helen Wright) #134

Not my idea Jane just something I have noticed working in other peaceful protests…circle the agitators (some who have no doubt been placed there deliberately by vested interests) and hand them over to the police…

(Simon Armstrong) #135

Hi Helen, just popping out from under my rock - comfortable as it is!!! ::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The numbers of Jilly Joneses injured is frankly miniscule compared to the number of police and pompiers who have been beaten to a pulp (well over 1,000 now). The very people tasked with protecting all of us - including you, on a daily basis. These public servants have acted entirely within their remit and the law. The actions within the Jilly Jones movement have been entirely illegal. You are obviously unaware that it’s illegal to verbally or physically attack a police officer or pompier. It is quite frankly sickening that you seek to justify such actions.

There are thousands upon thousands of French people who choose not to destroy their environment and are heartily sick to the back teeth of the violence unleashed by the Jilly Jones movement.

Helen, when you eventually work out what’s happening, cast your vote!!! Millions of people have already died to afford you that privilege. Don’t cop out - you can always find a reason not to do something!

(Mat Davies) #136

I would be very interested to know if UK “foreigners” have been made to feel uncomfortable or been verbally abused by the GJs.

(Simon Armstrong) #137

Mat - that’s why I started the discussion.

(Jane Williamson) #138

Helen, I know we would all like to live in an ideal world.
Some people’s’ idea of that world and the means they will use to get it means that they will not go willingly to be handed over to the police.

(Mark Robbins) #139

None of us migrants down here in la creuse profonde have, AFAIK, had any verbal or other abuse.

(Helen Wright) #140

In an effort to understand I have watched many hours of live-streaming and read the reports from MSM and also alternative independent media…

There is so much footage where it’s obvious that the police have used disproportionate violence against unarmed civilians…but photos that get press coverage and circulate portray the violence as coming from the protesters…

I’ve seen altered images and images that suggest the protesters have hurled missiles when all they have been doing is kicking the missile back in the direction of the police who threw it in the first place…

Yes it’s wrong that 330 police officers have been injured but it’s just as wrong that innocent protesters have been severely injured…