Are you finding Coca Cola in the shops?

Don’t like it, but I will ask a Mate who puts the stuff in whiskey, philistine :roll_eyes:

Ah! I wondered where the diet coke had gone. Our LeClerc (Limoux) still has all the other varieties but there hasn’t been any diet coke now for over a month.

Finding low or no sugar anything is really difficult in my area!! Nothing much has changed in over 14 years - sugar addicts. The only ‘lite’ juice that’s easy to find is Cranberry. The availability of Coke Lite or Zero is really sporadic. Weird…

Available in local supermarkets in Sourdeval but not obviously in great demand. Own label products are just as good, I find, though I’m not a fan by any means. I favour an Orangina occasionally, the little bottles are cute.