Are you getting enough Vitamin C

Scurvy seems to be making a come-back… in some areas… no cause for alarm but I know that our eating habits have changed due to the extreme heat… so, perhaps it is no bad thing to take a fresh look at our daily diet…

Lots of vitamin c in green/red peppers compared to citrus fruits, so easy to use in a salad etc


Is there any in fermented grape juice :thinking:



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It’s a very good question, and I don’t have a definitive answer, but the absence of full-blown scurvy doesn’t mean that individuals may not be very deficient in an essential component in their diet, and dietary components don’t just work in isolation from each other there is a synergy - the total effect is more than the sum of its parts.

I think older people are more accustomed to eating fruit and vegetables than children and young people, and I seldom see younger folk shopping for vegetables in supermarkets or local markets even here in rural France.

The consumption of processed foods could well have significant long-term health consequences for whole generations, and perhaps insufficient attention and resource is being given to the matter throughout the developed world.

Not hand-wringing or nannying, just picking up on your wise point, Stella.

I prefer vitamin B :beer::beer:

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