Are you getting the medical care you need?

All the way through this pandemic I have had normal (excellent) medical care. Friends and family in the UK have reported problems in their postcodes getting any care outside emergencies. So anecdotal and no doubt doesn’t apply to all postcodes.

But reports of Paris hospitals being overwhelmed now, and knowing that urgent care in France was struggling (and striking) I wonder how widespread this is?

What’s it like in your area?

Seems to be BAU. Mammograms, colonoscopies, smears, etc. all seem to be going on.

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So far, I haven’t seen any changes except that booking appointments with my GP on-line is less slick than ringing up but I put that down to “the system”! There’s always a delay in booking a specialist rendez-vous but they don’t seem longer than usual (I’m waiting for a couple of them)