Are you into gardening?

We’re looking for a keen gardener to start a Green Fingers group on the

network. Most of us seem keen on growing our own so it would be great to

have a group where we could swap hints and tips and maybe even seeds

and plants!

Please let me know if you’re interested - thanks!

OK will do. K x

I’ll be joining too - I’m very keen, just not very good!!

Karen, take some pics of poppies won’t you then I can put them up on our new site! Enjoy! Jilly

Tomorrow looks good for us so I’m going to be trying to sow some very late flower seeds in my cutting garden (which is real non-existent at the moment!). My poppies are looking fab at the moment so I hope it does rain too heavily so I can enjoy them for a little longer. Happy Gardening. K x

Thanks Karen, you can be my first one on here, when I get it sorted which hopefully should be this weekend! Have a good weekend even though it doesn’t look like gardening weather here!

Well done Jill for volunteering to start the group. I will definitely join as I love gardening when I have the time. Not more cuttings! is a common cry in my household as I can’t help myself. Not that they are all successful but I love the idea of taking a piece of stem and creating new plant from it.

Brilliant! Thats great news - so its pretty simple - go to the groups column on the left hand side of the page, click add group and fill in the boxes. Its nice to use a photo then people can see really quickly that someone has posted something in the gardening group etc. Make sure you tell any friends who are keen gardeners - I’ll mention it in the next newsletter and you can spread the word by FB, twitter, getting people to mention it on their blogs etc. If you can post some stuff to start with, it should get going quickly and then others will start posting, discussing and you’ll hopefully find that you just oversee it and join in the discussion s when you feel inclined. Its up to you if you welcome people to the group or not - personally I would and ask them a question or two about their garden / plot to get them chatting. If you had time to write a short blog post about what you’ve been doing / top tips - then great. Photos are great and any useful links to resources / sites for gardeners / special offers - whatever you find interesting really. Because if you find it interesting, then others will too! Let me know how its going and if you struggle time wise, you could always ask someone to do it with you? Hope this helps and give me a shout if anythings not clear! We’re away at the weekend so I may be a bit slow in getting back to you but I will replay and Helen AH will be around if you have any group starting queries and is happy to help xx

Hi Catherine,

I have been thinking about this gardening group and have decided to give it a go!!! Where do I start!!!

I love gardening and being outdoors, but can never devote enough time to it! busy building like most of us. My daughter has just taken on a 5hrs a week job gardening for someone… Great when you can do it, growing food is a high priority for me and I have some blackberries (sans épines), raspberries, strawberries, rhubarb, and herbs as a regular thing, and have planted haricots and peas, corn and cabbages, and runner beans, parsnips and swede so far. First it was too cold in april, then too hot in may, no we are waiting for more rain!! gardener’s delight, moaning about the weather! Good luck with the gardening space, I will watch with interest.

Yes I thought that as well, yes will contact them. Thanks

I think its one of those how longs a piece of string questions…I don’t want to tell you 'oh its nothing ’ if its then going to become a hassle so maybe you could ask Sandra Hanks who set up the business owners group a while back or Helen Aurelius Haddock whose running the foodie group, what they think?

Thanks! Catharine x

Hi Catherine,

I’m a very keen gardener, but am worried that it may take up too much of my time as I work as well, have you an idea on how much I would need to contribute?