Are you Making any Christmas Presents this Year?

I thought that as we are all locked-down you might be turning your time to advantage and be making Christmas presents this year.
I am knitting socks for my grandsons in Munich.
What are you up to?


I subscribe to Martin Lewis’ suggestion - don’t bother!
You’ll only get tit for tat - and most of the tat will go in the bin anyway :wink:
baaaah, humbug :slightly_smiling_face:

I just spent my ‘Christmas present budget’ on adding a few baskets to the Banque Solidaire…
In London my December paycheck would go to the local homeless shelter to pay for Dinner and some cosmetics etc…
In Scotland it went to the fund for local food banks.
Last year I added to a few collections in supermarkets for the local food banks - but they seem to have stopped collections due to covid.


The Banque Alimentaire etc… national collection of foodstuffs for Christmas… is happening this weekend…

Of course, it will be reduced due to covid, which is why the on-line is such a boon.


Not for presents, but I thought these were cute.


I will check them out in our local SuperU - have to get some shopping on Saturday
after my Red Cross morning… the RC shop is allowed to open from this weekend.
Maybe we can catch up on getting some clothes sold and donations sorted. Last time it took weeks to catch up after the lockdown.

You haven’t seen my knitting, It is excellent. and made with love.


I can testify to that! Xx

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I was taught, as a child, that handmade presents are a sort of treasure… because someone has taken the time and effort to make whatever…

I treasure the knits that mother-in-law made for me… so many of them are still going strong. Happy memories of days gone by and a MiL who became my best friend.


I am sure that there are some jumpers that are a bit embarrassing to wear, but others remind you of the knitter each time you put it on and you know that they bothered to make it for you.
I am glad that you still have some of your MIL’s knits.

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I make hats as presents, all sorts and either knitted or crocheted.

My friend in UK has warned me that she’s knitted me a hat, the wool for which is “bright”…knowing her as I do, I’m already scared.
She, however, wants animal skulls, if I can find / acquire them…in particular, anything unusual, ie sanglier, mouflon, or similar.

We will be making our usual charity donation this Christmas, but what I really wanted to know is anyone using lock down to make Christmas presents.
It seems you are not.

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I think they are great.

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I have made hats as well.
The boys love my socks. They are ribbed so nice and stretchy.

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Perhaps she has heard of the accidents in France with La Chasse.
The skulls sounds ominous.

She’s about as keen on the hunt over there as I am here Jane,
that is to say, not at all.
The skulls are for a project for her daughter; who’s a budding artist & photographer.

Knitted hats are brilliant. A few years ago, before I had the heater fitted in the Teardrop caravan, I drove to a routier high on the hill next to the airport near Figeac in freezing fog. The fog persisted all night and I couldn’t get warm. I kept breathing under the quilt to heat up my body, it works, but you have to poke out now and then to breath oxygen.

I barely survived and when I got home my wife reminded me of the 2 knitted hats made by an old lady in a rest home as a gift to us to reward Fran for bringing in and selling home made cakes for them.

Till the heater was fitted, that hat saved my life several times, pulled down to my neck the loose knit allowed me to breath but kept a layer of warm air in, and the extra, doubled, quilt kept my body warm. :slightly_smiling_face:

I might start to learn to knit again, how hard can a nice warm scarf be? :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Not hard at all.
There are tutorials on the net.

Thank you, I’ll have a look, haven’t had a scarf for years and years, just the job for walking the dogs in the winter. :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

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