Are you ready for a change in the weather

Just walked back home and noticed the faint whiff of woodsmoke on the night air - so someone is feeling the autumnal chill…

My Gran never lit the fires until 1st October, but I may not be able to last until then. :thinking:

Need to get the chimney swept… sooner rather than later…
and equally importantly, I need to find where I hid my sweaters and warm stuff when I “tidied” my wardrobe… :wink::upside_down_face:

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Not yet Stella!
Meteociel is showing another heatwave coming, after tomorrow :sunny::thermometer:


let’s hope so…

I lit our wood burner for the first time this autumn tonight, it’s been going down to 2 °C overnight , meant to be getting warmer though over the next few days

Have to sweep the chimbley twice a year, according to Stéphane P :slight_smile:

Folk can always check with their Mairie to see what is the local rule. :upside_down_face:

murky/chilly this morning so I’m treating us to some hot water…:upside_down_face:

suddenly difficult to recall that it has been so hot that cold showers have been a delight… :wink:

Hang on to the t-shirts , the heat is coming back…

It will also depend on your insurer!

Obviously - one should always comply with the demands of one’s Insurance Policy - for whatever… :thinking:

Well you were spot on Stella, What a glorious day! :sunglasses:

We’ve got heat for at least another week. 40C again today… phew