Are you self-testing?

Chatting to a friend here in France she asked me if I was self-testing. I said no. Neither’s she. And neither of us know anyone here who is.

Yet among our friends / relations in the UK they are doing it all the time, matter of routine, 2-3 times a week - basically whenever they are meeting up with others in a social situation or in a school/work environment.

I don’t even know how to go about self-testing here. And I wonder if it would be sensible to start doing so.

Agree in the UK, we are testing when we feel the slightest unwell, before we meet friends, they do as well.

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My brother and SiL test regularly :woman_shrugging: They use free test kits, from the chemist/surgery, but if they had to send a positive result to a laboratory they would have to send the kit that was bought from a listed seller.

We self-test if we feel unwell, using the FOC NHS kits, but otherwise no.

I’m tending to take a more ‘preventive’ approach by wearing FFP2 masks when in shared public spaces, rather than the surgical masks that are designed to protect others around you.

Are you in the UK?

It would help me to know where people are when they reply (France or UK). If France, and you are self-testing where do you buy your kits? What do you ask for?

Is that here in France Lily?

Yes, sorry, we are in Oxforshire. I’m not sure you can get NHS kits in France?

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I know this isn’t helpful, Sue, but I haven’t come across self-testing kits here either! I have a feeling that asking at the friendly local pharmacy might be the way forward for those so I shall ask later in the week when I go, if no-one comes back with a suitable answer before :smiley:

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They exist and are free on prescription, but otherwise €6 a pop. Generally only free for aide-soignants.



Free at Boots in the UK apparently


Sorry, I should have mentioned they are in the UK :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
They are only testing regularly because too many people are not wearing masks!


Somehow I thought you’d know, Jane :smiley:

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I actually think that self-testing is a good idea. I belong to a club here in France where people have started meeting again and are not wearing masks. Because of that I’ve not gone back. If I knew everyone was self-testing before they met I might be happier to rejoin.


That’s interesting, Sue - are they checking the vaccination passes? I know some venues don’t insist on masks if everyone has a valid pass, although our choir does both,

No idea. But that still would not reassure me.

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I can understand that

Which I think is an eminently sensible idea, better than the 6€ approach in France. Better to put no obstacles in people’s way so that they take responsibility. Make it really easy for people to check and keep checking.

Particularly when one of your mates is supplying the kits to UK Govt and is making an absolute fortune!


Do you know what Mat, I don’t care! There have always been carpetbaggers and there always will be. Mankind can be mean, greedy, selfish. If it’s a way to get people back out living normal lives, feeling they can socialise with minimum risk, have better mental health, then so be it. I have yet to feel any of that here in France.

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But the rates in France are 25% of those in UK. (both infections & deaths)

I think if you are double jabbed (and hopefully a booster) and are sensible with mask wearing and hand gels then it is fine to return to 90% of previous life.

BUT - and it is a very big BUT - rates are on the increase in France so continue to be sensible.