Are you the mother of a pre-teen girl?

(Emma Macpherson) #1

Hello all, wanted to let you know about this.

I have a ten year old daughter who asked me to invite a facilitator out to France to run a course for girls hitting puberty as she had heard about such courses from uk based friends. We have got it off the ground and it’s going on next month if it’s of interest to anyone. Here’s the blurb and my contact details are at the bottom if you want to know more or join us.

As the mother of a pre teen girl are you worried about the pressures and influences she is facing in today’s culture as she grows?

Are you concerned about how you can help her?

Welcoming our Daughters, Welcoming Ourselves is a three day programme being held near Chalais 16210 from 20-23 April 2017.

It will offer tools to help you support your daughter and improve your relationship with her. It is also an opportunity to explore your own story as a woman.

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or to find out more email
Emma Pruen on
or call +44 7508 920583 (as currently in U.K.)

(Antonia BROWN) #2

Mine is now a Teen as of a few months! Gosh it is a minefield … I read the book Girl Up ! was illuminating and I was able to paraphrase some things with her… also wentto a talk about female cycles aimed at tweens and teens down here on the Riviera with her which was great.
Good luck in your event!

(Emma Macpherson) #3

Thanks Antonia. Girl Up is a great book isn’t it! Emma

Emma Pruen
The French Retreat
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Tel (UK mobile) 07508 920583

(Antonia BROWN) #4

Yes - I found it particularly enlightening for the boys in my house to listen in to! They had no idea on some of the things!