Are you using Netflix in France?

(Mike Cooke) #21

I have Netflix here in France.

However you have to watch via a proxy server as it is not actually available in this country.

It does not offer BBC iPlayer. For this and ITV player I use an android device plugged into the HDMI on the TV. This streams internet which I watch on the TV. It works a treat - however - Picture quality is not quite there ( but that could be down to my internet speed ) and sometimes we suffer 'buffering' which is when the picture freezes waiting for data from the streamer. Not always but when it happens it can be annoying.

With the same device you can download any 'apps' that you like including BBC iplayer and Netflix.

So. the way it goes is ; switch on the android device, select a VPN service ( download an app ), choose the country of the program you want to watch ( UK for BBC, USA or UK for Netflix etc ), wait for the VPN to confirm activation, back to the android device and select the app for the channel you want and thats it.

Sounds complicated but once you get the hang of it, it's easy.

Yes, I find the content of Netflix disappointing at times when I want to watch a good film. Invariably the one I want is not there and Netflix offer alternatives. On the other hand they have some excellent series of there own 'Orange is the new black' for example. I have just started watching 'The Fall' right from the beginning of the first series. You cant do that on iplayer because they drop off after a certain time.

I hope that's helpful.


(Sarah Pain) #22

I don't use Netflix or a vpn. I use xbmc (or Kodi as it is now known) which is a media centre software that runs on mac or windows or Linux. You add apps to it which enable you to view UK and US Tv without problems (and often without the lag of Filmon). It is free and works for us. There are also a stack of movies available on it including classics in B&W and depending upon the app you install, some of the Sky movie channels with this years movies (but not the latest on demand ones), also many boxsets of various TV shows.

Let me know if you want more info and I will check my installation and list the various apps I use. I should add that you need a reasonable internet connection (mine is 16MBits) as this is a streaming software. I doubt it would work well on a 2Mbit connection for instance but if you have at 5 or 6Mbits you should be ok.

(Brian Milne) #23

It appears that Netflix has not been able to sign deals with three of the four main Internet service providers. So far only Bouygues Telecom added Netflix to its new Android-based set-top box that is about to be launched and can be updated on to the existing one. The other providers are demanding far more money from Netflix. Therefore you need to use a proxy server. Unless you are in a place where line speeds are very good Netflix is not going to be so good anyway, since the largest part of France has quite sluggish line speeds.

We have a Swiss Zattoo (do NOT consider the limited French service) subscription relatives bought for us. Our line speeds mean we have a lot of pixelation and broadcasts jamming, so we under use it. The French have a programme to replace cable delivery of 98% of telephone services over the next 12 years, which seems stupid when both satellite and G4 mobile telephony are beginning to deliver services, G5 and beyond will undoubtedly make it all the easier to get what you want then the likes of Zattoo, Filmon, Netflix which, no doubt will either have to change in light of competition or will disappear altogether.

(steve Clinton) #24

Hi I have netflix here in france and there are four of us in the house we have four individual settings within our account and can watch it individually on four different devices…so no more arguments on who is hogging the TV…I have two teenage kids and my better half, we all have completly different things we like and netflix has some stuff for all of us there is no bbc i player but there are stacks of other stuff and you can change the language preferences at the intital set up…all this for 12 pounds a month …it think is a bargain, and you are not tied to any contract if you dont like it then simply quit it …i am loving all the box series at the moment …I just shelved out a fortune to watch the breaking bad series on dvd…only to find after I got netflix there it was …all in with Ll the other stuff…grrr…my advice try it and see and lets be honest its way better than french tv…

(Gerard Collon) #25

We have just started using Netflix.

Content is US centric, but there is some good choice. No BBC iPlayer in France. There is UK content, as well as French cinema. Netflix will set itself to your region for reasons of Copyright.

Downton Abbey, Sherlock, Bletchley circle, Derek, The Fall, Broadchurch ... are all available to watch.

Not disappointed so far, and as you pay per month, once you have exhausted the possibilities you can cancel. They offer a 30 day free trial (just make sure you cancel it if you don't like it). We use it in conjunction with Google Chromecast to broadcast it to the television.

Have tried Amazon Prime but it doesn't work in France or on my Mac.

Will be extending the 30 day trial - at €7 or €8 a month we think it is worth it.

Right now it is the only English language 'telly' we have.


(Tim Nowfel) #26

I don't use Netflix (our internet is not really the best here). StrongVPN is what we use - much better than a proxy. $55 for a year, no spamming, good speed and you can even use it to change your location for US Netflix ;-)

(Michael Collinson) #27

I do not use Netflix so cannot help with that, however watching Iplayer and ITV player is very easy, I use the "Adtelly" extension through the chrome browser, it works seamlessly and at no cost whatsoever. I use an HDMI cable to run it through the TV.