Are you using Netflix in France?

Hi all

Is anyone using netflix here in France? I have two questions :

1) is is possible to watch bbc iplayer on it ?

2) there has been mention on the internet of a low level of content on it at present. Has anyone been dissapointed by this quantity of titles available ,



I used Purevpn for Netflix in the US and UK, though I very rarely use Netflix these days due to the lack of good content. You can use the same VPN software or, more useful a smart DNS like SmartDNS Proxy for iPlayer/Demand5 and etc. You can also plug the DNS addresses into your Freesat boxes.

Apple TV is good for casting but I don't think you can fool it into thinking it's in a different country, easily. Chromecast is also useful and cheap, for casting when you use it with AirParrot.

Have fun

Which is a good reliable proxy to use. please ? I keep threatening to get iplayer and I don’t know who I can trust to pay to hide my IP address. Thanks !

If you have a tablet get the FilmOn app or go to the FilmOn website from a PC.

FilmOn ‘captures’ terrestrial and satellite transmissions with its own antennae and makes them available free over the web in Standard Definition. You do not need VPN and you can get UK content. They offer a subscription service if you want HD.

I think you are mistaken. Netflix France is a stand-alone web streaming service for a monthly subscription and you do not need a set-top box from an ISP, although it may be some offer/will offer it as part of their package, nor do you need a VPN.

If you have tablet you can download the Netflix app, or view on a PC. I have an iPad and Chromecast, so I can Chromecast Netflix to my TV.

My Internet bandwidth is 1Mega and I have had no problems with streaming, although I find the Netflix app occasionally temperamental.

I use Tunnelbear - they have a number of subscription options that cover desktops / laptops and mobile devices. I have been very pleased with the service over the last year and I believe it is very competitively priced.

Hi Geoff

I live in France and watch movies on [from the US ], and get onto their site with Hola Unblocker which is free. It is very easy once in Hola to change country from US to UK, then you can access BBC iplayer.




I used to use Hola but although it worked most of the time I had a few problems with it. Adtelly is far superior in my opinion.



Thank for the link. I have been using Hola and up until now with varying results.

Added the extension in. I am in UK at the moment but heading back out to Belgium in the new year and will try it out.




Most of it is but if you go on to the Adtelly site and look under services and the free service you will find the free link,

I don't have a fast broadband ( 2mb ) but apart from some buffering for a few seconds I get perfect service.


Ps I've just looked up the link for you.


I thought the AdTelly was a subscription service.

I use netflix, while the sélection is not exactly amazing Its a hell of a lot better than being stuck with the wretched monoply that is canalplus.

Hi Geoff,

I've been using Netflix since it went live here a couple of months or so ago. It doesn't have the same level of content as the English version but more is added weekly as it is being dubbed/subtitled. We also watch iPlayer etc using the Hola extension on Chrome which is free and usually reliable.

Difference between a proxy and a VPN:

Note the proxy only works with your web browser. With a VPN you can use the iPlayer application and download the programmes to your PC (and thus no buffering or pixelation issues and you can do it all in HD !)

Hola is a form of proxy service. Your requests via your browser are routed through their servers which disguises your IP and therefore the destination site does not know you are not in the UK or the US or wherever. Free yes, but I find anything that goes via a browser has buffering problems most times and lagging.

Winnie, I have 2 kids (5 and 10) and XBMC has plenty of cartoon channels and kids Tv for them. For you there is also plenty of back boxsets of almost every tv show, including Downton and those you mention to watch free at your leisure.

Best of all, you don't need any special equipment/boxes/receivers and it is FREE!! you have to know your way around a pc and be reasonably au fait with techie stuff until you get used to navigating your way around but I cannot fault it.

(btw - I do not get any commission for promoting XBMC :-) - I just think it is fantastic,) You can even get a Skygo app to use with a Sky go account (costs £15 a month from the UK and then you do need a VPN which you can get for £3.99 or less if you pay annually) but then you can use SKY as you would at home. The possibilities are endless!

Nick you really should consider using something like XBMC. You don't need to use a proxy at all, you can get live tv from the UK and US and other countries (including France) without pretending to be there and it is a lot simpler than using several different systems to be able to watch various things. I also used to use an android device and even with 16Mbit connection I got buffering. I then switched to using a VPN (having to switch to that every time wanted to fool TVGUIde. co. uk) and found problems and it was a hassle, then I found Filmon for which you need no VPN to watch the UK channels but buffering on the browser was still a problem. Now I only use XBMC for which you can also add Netflix apps, Filmon apps, Lovefilm apps (all of which you can use with an account), BBCiplayer and ITV player etc (although you should not need them with XBMC), there is also a way of setting up XBMC to use as a PVR. Or if you simply want free to air channels (freeview) you can choose something like FTV which is a real time tvguide so you know whats on, simply double click and you can watch that channel. I no longer have the android device problem (which was a faff to navigate), buffering or having to use a VPN. I was so annoyed with the laggy TV we watched on Filmon that I was considering going the Sky satellite option which would have been around €300 to get sorted plus £29 a month thereafter. Don't need it anymore.

If you can be bothered with the annoyance of the systems you are currently using, you can certainly find your way around XBMC and it will be a lot easier in the long run.

Nick - a proxy is a service you use to hide where you actually are located so it appears you are in the UK for example and you can watch all things like iPlayer. I use for $ 9 per month

We've been on netflix since it appeared in France, and are happy with it although do find the content rather limited (compared to US version, but that is understandable). We have the basic two device set-up so the kids can watch something while I watch another (good for keeping amused while doing cooking and dishes!)

In order to simplify things and watch netflix on the tv, instead of passing by the box (grrr orange yuck) we use chromecast, which is great. It is a device that costs about 35€, plugs directly into the tv, then can controlled by a device (computer, phone or tablette with the netflix app) to appear on the tv. It can also be used to watch other content (photos, video, etc) from those devices.

I like netflix for the series - got to watch all the seasons except the last of Downton Abbey in one flurry, then hit Breaking bad, then Modern family, etc. The kids selection is rather poor for the moment, but we still find stuff (if the kids agree, not easy with a 4 1/2 yr girl and an almost 8 yr boy no matter what the service).

voilà, hope that helps.

I hardly understand any of the replies so far - what the hell's a proxy ?

I use a web-site called hola - its free and all you need is your computer with broadband, an HDMI cable bought in Carrefour for 25 euros, and bingo you have bbc player, i player etc