Are you with SFR? Be aware of e-mail scams

(Marie Frances) #1

Hello, Just wanted to warn people who have SFR as internet/telephone provider to be aware of those e-mail phishing scams making the rounds. We have had a few of them in recent days and these e-mails really do look like genuine SFR communications usually saying something along the lines of there has been a problem with the automatic prelevement with your bank and to 'cliquez ici' to resolve the problem. I did make the mistake of clicking on one of the links but fortunately my antivirus cut in right away and blocked the page. I also had someone call me at home claiming to be from SFR and wanting to talk to the person who deals with the internet in the house, I just used my sorry don't understand much French voice and call back later when my husband is in, but they never did call back. I did forward the suspect e-mails to SFR's suspect e-mail reporting service but haven't heard anything back.

(Brian Milne) #2

Me too. I keep an 'ancient' Yahoo! account open. In there I get an average of 60 spams and a similar amount in my trash that I send to spam. After a few days ago I had over 200 spams and 400+ in trash. Gmail filters most out but very real looking ones sometimes get through.

(anon93947652) #3

Yes, gmail is quite good at filtering spam. I get very little indeed.

(Marie Frances) #4

Hi Suze, I dont use the sfr mail service , didn't know it had that bad a reputation , these false e-mails managed to get through onto my gmail which i agree is normally very good at filtering out all the junk. this is the first time in ages that anything dodgy has got past into my inbox. i wouldn't have actually put any bank details into any e mail anyway , at least i know my antivirus is working as it should and blocking dodgy links. I will pay close attention to the sfr site in future.

(Suze Lennox) #5

just informing about a problem or you havn't paid your bill ( which is automatic ) or

ANY reason that would worry you enough to click on the link !

when in doubt it's safest to verify on the parent site.

Have just looked at my sfr mail ( which is tranfered thru to gmail ) in 2 months I have 15 falsies

from sfr, banks i'm not with etc etc I SHOULD only have my factures en ligne on this account !!!

Sfr mail has been a bit of a joke for ages .. at least gmail stop all this trash.

(Marie Frances) #6

With this one , they weren't asking for bank details right away , just informing about a problem but no doubt that would have been the next thing. Yes you need to be very careful but easy trap to fall into if perhaps your French isn't quite up to scratch or like me very tired as been up all night with a sick child. I don't use paypal , heard too many bad things about it.

(Suze Lennox) #7

Same with all the operators, paypal ( beware ) and especially if you sell something on Boncoin be especially carefull... they want your your bank details or a mail at worst ....

(Ian Cowburn) #8

Yeah they're a load of phish :)

(anon93947652) #9

I had one that came from Orange. It stated that my co-ordonees were out of date and asked me to send telephone numbers, bank account numbers, and a whole raft of other sensitive information to update the system. I have never been with orange... I am with Gmail and reported it as pishing. I really cannot understand how anyone who is not clinically mental could respond to these things.