Aren't the English wonderful

Britishness at its best…

What is particularly disturbing is the lack of respect for a french loaf of bread. Beggars belief as to what went on there…
Just love the peace and quiet of the Charente :no_mouth:

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Oh deary me - southendnewsnetwork is a satirical website!!


The BBC reported on the same subject this morning. Apparently there were queues outside many Lidl branches before they opened and many customers were disappointed.

My favourite quote was,
“I’m gutted, my weekend is ruined”
Mind you it’s the same here, the shelves are stripped a within a few minutes of opening when Lidl have Cheddar cheese, fish and chips or other British products on special.

Yes Emma, just discovered that but you have to admire the fertile imagination of the poster… what could one possibly do with a french baguette to such effect :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The baguettes sold in our village have many uses ----- weapons of war for example, tent pegs, or tape three together and use them as axle stands, however eating them is NOT recommended.:grinning:

Poor you.