Arise Sir Wooster-Mogg

I’ve put this in Humour, because a knighthood for this buffoon really is a joke :roll_eyes:

I think this is worth a watch. He’s actually far worse than even I thought.


He has no concern for the majority of the British people at all.


He is repellent.


I have a little bit of sick in my throat


Hey folks dont worry and fret, you will all soon have your highly beloved Sir Kneeler Startrooper in the terraced house, backed up by the Gobby Angie. I hope that the Chancellor is the mobile Abbottcus. Popcorn ready. Dont get me wrong, I dont like the present incumbents either.

He, along with Nadine Dorries and Pritti Patel are the subject of a report from the House Committee on Privileges to the effect that they went into the media with the intent of subverting the report on Boris Johnson misleading the House with regard to Partygate.
Another interesting debate and vote to come?

They have no powers to punish the MPs for criticising them.

Those named in the report are:

  • Nadine Dorries
  • Lord Goldsmith
  • Mark Jenkinson
  • Michael Fabricant
  • Brendan Clarke-Smith
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg
  • Andrea Jenkyns
  • Priti Patel

Hattie Harmon is just pissed because they called it a “roo court” or a witch hunt. Fact is 2 of the members had already made up their minds what the outcome was going to be. Unfortunately one of the members is now under investigation for partying on more than one occasion along with ex PM maggie may during the lockdown.

It is an offence against Parliament because the House voted to refer Boris Johnson and his misleading the House re Partygate to the Privileges Committee.
These are all people who have supported Boris Johnson even though his prorogation of Parliament was judged illegal by the Supreme Court.
They deserve the book being thrown at them.

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