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I didn't know a wall was in place so please remove it!

We've had this problem for some time that there doesn't seem to be much interest here.

The chat wall doesn't help. It discourages discussion posts and the wall comments don't appear in the main activity feed so nobody sees them except the group members. I suggest we remove it and get some good discussions going in it's place.

I'd be up for it,but theres only a couple of us responding now.....

Sounds good to me. Sometime ago I tried to instigate a weekly/monthly challenge along the lines of but there were no takers

How about artists post a new discussion containing their work, as many or as few pieces as they choose with a little or a lot of info, again as they see fit and one will be selected every week to feature in the 'Worth a read on SFN' emails. The artist can use the post to link back to their work on their own site if they want to. How does that sound?

Hi Debra, I'd be more than happy to paint your daughter,pleased you like my site.

James,what would you have in mind as a regular feature?

We could do a regular feature if anyone is interested?

NIce to see this group active again!

A pastel portrait of my daughter when she was a younger teenager. This is a study I did as a demonstration. I apologize for the quality of the photograph. This was just a quick snapshot. Never did get my photographer to shoot it. I have to remedy that situation.![](upload://8L69f5ft89WTljxsLoYbf7E3KJt.jpg)

Suzy...I checked out your website. Your watercolor portraits are exquisite. I will take some new photos of my daughter so that you might create a portrait for me. I will most likely commission you in July but sooner if a potential customer purchases a painting of which she is highly enamored. There is also another potential customer for it.

Neil...if you read my comment to Perry, you will see I buy other artist's work. Just wanted to give you a heads up that I am eyeing a couple of your paintings as well. I like the way that you apply your paint as well as your subject matter.

Hi Perry. I checked out your website. As Suzy said, the humor in your work is wonderful. I believe I am going to have to purchase a giclee print as a gift to myself for my birthday. I collect other artist's work that speaks to me...and I think artists should support other artists.

Wow you certainly get around Perry.Yes I'm in Paris. My paintings wouldn't sell as such,well I'm told nooone would have a painting of someone else on their walls,however I would buy such a painting because I like the style or subject.So I can only hope for commissions.This is the problem with being a realistic figurative painter.

Suzy, I have a list of my events (more to follow, once confirmed) for this year. Mostly around SW France. Are you in Paris then?
Neil, I have a 4x3m barnum tent, seeing your 3x3m one, I can't imagine it being a problem to do the same? The cafes just behind are an added bonus!

I shall look out for you in September.I loved the Confit de Canard.The mix of english humour and french life works so well.

Hi Perry, too true about the wife's input!

I'll get the details for the Pau events - you have to go before a couple of ladies to get approved then you get a letter from the Mayor. There about 50 artists on the list and about 20 turn up but more in the summer months especially if good weather is predicted. It's a very nice way to spend a Sunday even if you don't sell anything - and there are the bars behind!

Hi Suzy,
Thanks for the compliment. Our stand was stormed throughout the The France Show, so we've already booked for next year.
French people love my work, as they find themselves and their ways portrayed in a sympathetic and humorous way. They often ask how an outsider can get them down to the last detail. I love observing and have a gift that allows me to put it down on paper. In fact, the director of the Gers Tourist board has made me the invité d'honneur at the big floating market of SW France that happens every September in Paris, saying that I've become an ambassador for the Gers! My first book of collected drawings, called Petites Gasconneries, is a big hit. I'm about to have the third edition printed after just eight months. This all beats creating graphic work for others, by far, despite less earnings. I've been registered for just over ten years with the URSAF, so hopefully that will give me some return… Right, back to the drawing board; I have a few wine drawings to finish for Saturday!

Hi Perry,I googled you and saw your work,I bet it went down a bomb in London at the French Show.You look very professional and organized and a huge portefolio,well done.I always appreciate artists like yourself with a humouristique style,as I find it hard,I'm more realistic.How does it go down with the French,do they see themselves in your drawings?

So you went through what I did when you arrived,I was refused by MDA because I had no reproduced work,I do storyboards.So not a 'real artist'.I spent 10 years as profession liberale,paying a fortune to Urssaf,before finally being accepted by MDA.They obviously saw there was a huge market and opened up there critere for joining.This is a very sore point with me as I lost out on my pension for those years.

Where do you live?