Art Glass

(Mei Yee Lam) #1

Managed to unpack a couple more boxes and found this piece of sand blasted double glazed sample that I designed and made years ago.

(Jon Allsop) #2

...De rien, Mei ! Am here in Vietnam for another week, then back to France...keep bon vent !

(Mei Yee Lam) #3

thank you kindly Jon Allsop.

(Jon Allsop) #4

...Very nice Mei !!

(Debra Lee) #5

I will certainly contact you. My time frame for moving is a little less than two years. However, if I can sell my house here sooner, I will move at an earlier time. :)

(Mei Yee Lam) #6

Bonsoir Debra,

Thanks for you interest. This particular piece is sort of on negotiation with another person. I posted this to see what kind of interest I'd receive. Perhaps you can drop me a line when you are in France. I will try and post a few more pieces of Glass work. You can let me know it you are interested then.

(Debra Lee) #7

Hi Mei! Welcome to the group. Your glass piece is extraordinary! It's abstraction contrasts wonderfully against the plants and yard. Do you have a website? Also, once I move to France, would I be able to purchase one of your pieces? Please post more of your work. It is superb.