Art Without Limits

For those of you who have been reading the posts here, you know that I am the troublesome artist who sent most of you a message. I also caused a little tempest in a teapot. *smile*

I am cordially inviting you to join my group, Art Without Limits. Neil kindly became the first member. I am not encouraging anyone to leave this group. I am going to continue to participate here (poor Neil) as well as administer my group. I created my group to provide a forum that brings all the visual arts, including fine crafts, together in one place. I hope to see sharing of ideas, development of new techniques and styles, and artistic growth within the group.

So, don't make Neil have to spend time alone with me. "joking" Please consider joining Art Without Limits.

Wishing you all a grand day!


I have had to tape brushes and pencil in my hands to work before, at work they thought I was mad. I have weekly injections of methotrexate and daily steroids which helps. I am sorry to hear about your joint diseases, I do have some days which are relatively little pain, only with management.

wishing you all the very best x

I am so sorry to hear about your arthritis. I can relate as I have two degenerative joint diseases. Renoir is my hero for painting with rheumatoid arthritis and confinement to a wheelchair. I keep a photo of him, painting with his hands wrapped so that he can hold the brushes, in my studio. It keeps me going when the pain is severe. I hope that you have days with relatively little pain. I know pain free days are unlikely.

Wishing you joy and contentment.

That's Debra, I have chronic arthritis, which also take up time resting lol.

hoping your week is a great one. x

Thank you for taking the time to respond to my invitation. I understand time limitations. I usually work about 60 hours per week on my painting and the business end of my art career. My PC is in my studio so that allows me to spend some time viewing other artist's work, participate in discussions, and share my own efforts. I hope that your week is grand and that you have had enough rest to recharge your batteries. :)

Hi thanks for asking, however the main reason I don´t post much these days is time, I painted so much this week I can´t even hold a paint brush resting for next week. I sure your group will be full in no time. x