Arthritis.. tips for treatment and prevention?

Sitting in a waiting room today, I came across an article about Arthritis… and a possible “cure”. It seems that snails have something in them that works against arthritis… which is why (so they say) people in Crete do not suffer the malady.

I always thought France was a major snail eater… and yet there are many arthritis sufferers here. Anyway… I have volunteered to add snails to our menu on a regular basis… to alleviate and prevent :hugs:

are you game for this… or do you have another remedy ??

I’d take it with a pinch of salt…:smirk:

Eat them on a regular basis not done me any good !!!, could be the climate is dryer and warmer Stella.

Rosehip 10,000mg with vit C from - delivery to France £2.

We both enjoy snails… in butter/garlic or one of the many, many ways they can be served… and there is a snail farm near us (which we are adding to our list of “things to do this Summer”)… so it could work out tastily for us whether or not the health effects really do exist.

However, we will also consider all your other ideas…:grinning:

OH has already decided that his “arthritic knee” always seems better after a snifter… now, that is odd, don’t you think… ?? :thinking:

Wish I had known that a few years ago, might have saved me having to have a hip replaced.

I’m sticking with CBD oil…!

Also Serrapeptase…a natural anti inflammatory…I get ours from canine health concern (along with cbd oil) I’ll put the link here but please delete if not allowed…x

A knob of garlic butter is better Chris :rofl:

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Rosehips are great.


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Is this the sort of thing you are talking about ?? I like the idea of bon bons…:slight_smile:

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I’ve no experience of anything except cbd oil from canine health concern…CHC elixir…my eldest daughter has a rare and intimate form of cancer that many friends have offered help for inclusive of friends in USA who have offered her accommodation in legalised states (Love them but she won’t leave her little ones) I have a friend in uk who is seeing miraculous results from cbd suppositories…I’ve read various articles about Brittany farmers licenced to grow hemp plants…and if I came across a local producer then I would buy from them without hesitation…hemp is not only for medicinal purposes but has the potential to save our planet…it can be used for buildings…car construction…paper…the possibilities are infinite…yep love the sound of bonbons…! It takes a little research…Anti inflammatory relief is easily achievable by cbd oil…(late stage terminal cancer where conventional medicine has given up would require lots more personal research into Rick Simpson and Phoenix tears…)

My partner in UK has suffered a dodgy knee and sciatica for years…he’s like me in that he very rarely goes to a doctor and the last time is so long ago that our records are no longer held there…CBD oil relieved two years plus of pain within the first week…one drop morning and evening…after several weeks he tried two drops but with cbd oil less is more and the pain returned so he dropped back to one drop twice a day…

I apparently relieved the sciatica my boyfriend was experiencing, by massage. Can he perhaps try having a little therapeutic massage? Just a thought.

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I was struggling to load the cannamed website when you posted it Stella… having a good look round it today…I am also really fancying the honey…x :slight_smile:

We tried that too…but CBD oil one drop twice a day is the first thing that has ever provided relief… x :slight_smile:

Hi Helen and Stella,

Indeed, CBD is very efficient to treat arthritis:

The best is to combine high concentred premium CBD oil drops with a CBD balm.

Delivery in France and Europe.

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Doesn’t actually treat the arthritis, just makes it bearable to live with…

Jim had an MRI scan on his back which showed pinched discs and osteoarthritis which was giving him terrible sciatica.
We bought a back stretcher, which really didn’t help, but he then found this book by John E Sarno M.D called The Mind Body Prescription and after reading it he is now 95% better, which is a very satisfying result.
Dr. Sarno has also written Healing Back Pain.
There is a website called which has lots of good things to explore.
Keeping out of the hands of the knife wielders has to be good.