Article in The Guardian: 'The parenting gap: why French mothers prefer to use the firm smack of authority'

The polemic is well underway in the readers' comments. As a French mother who's lived in England for 17 years, I quite agree with this article, but the funny thing is that I also know a lot of French parents who are very permissive/attentive/lax/cool (or whatever you want to call it) with their children!!! I think it's more a fashion than anything else and both sides of the Channel are affected. It makes me cringe to see how parents behave in 'Outnumbered' for instance!

Yup, the Guide is spot on!

From my point of view, I would in the main agree. We took our children out to childless friends on Boxing Day, they were the only children present and our friends commented on how 'user friendly' our kids were and we took it as the compliment it was meant. Probably the fact that they were not the centre of attention at an adult party.

My children are not angels, far from it, the eldest in particular is borderline hyperactive - in fact in the UK, I'm sure she would be labeled as such however, they know that although they shouldn't be naughty at home, they wouldn't dare be naughty in someone else's home or in public.

They have, by and large been brought up the French way (except they go to bed at 7pm sharp apart from special occasions) and know what is expected of them. We would bring them up the same way in the UK but it would be more difficult because of the majority altitude, here it is easier as we are part of the majority .

You gotta love the guide to bringing up your kids in France - it is so true! And, I love Outnumbered even though I wouldn't bring my kids up that way!