Article Submission Sites

Just wondered if anyone ever submits articles/features to any of the article submission sites such as Ezine, Hubpages etc?

If so, which do you think are the best ones for a beginner to start off with?

Thanks for your help


Hi Natasha,

You might be interested in this page on my blog called Web 2.0 services, it talks about HubPages and Squidoo, 2 of the main free publishing sites. I also have posts about article marketing but knowing what you want to achieve and in what format will dictate where you start to publish articles.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, it can be hard getting started.


Article directories are a great idea. There are lots to choose from and knowing which is the best is difficult. It’s not the site itself that is terribly important but how the search engines view them and give ranking to the articles within.

What you could do is write one article but then derive versions of it for each article directory.

There are other things you can do, drop me a line and I can help further.


Hi, I occassionally write for an online magazine and we tend to submit our articles and photos to