Artificial Grass and Velux Windows

Two unrelated topics I know but I have questions for both. Two birds…

Has anyone gone down the path of laying any Artificial grass?
I have decided to try this alternative on my tired decking next to the swimming pool.
Does anyone have experience of artificial grass?
Any recommended makes, suppliers in France?

Velux window - I have an oldish Velux which I am trying to identify.
It was installed before I bought the house.
The ID plate is missing.
It is a centre pivoting model (I think that this is GGL) and the dimensions of the glass on the external/roof side when closed are 1163mm width x 763mm height.
I have looked on sites but these dimensions do not correspond to any.
There are 1163mm widths and 763mm heights but not the two together.
I am trying to get a replacement blind…

My son laid artificial grass last summer after the turves he bought locally died in the intense heat even with being watered daily. Leroy Merlin had a promo and he bought a roll, it is soft and you lay it like a carpet making sure underneath is prepared first obviously and then peg it down, he forgot and the 2year old was lifting it up and hiding stuff underneath! He just brushes it, hoses it and lets it dry. Velux - GGL rings a bell to some we installed in old house and were central pivot, two were huge and I managed to sell the unused one for over the €400 we paid for it. Bricodepot sell them, might be able to help you. Think you go by the hole size and not the glass measurements so try the internal part for measuring. I should have kept all the Velux catalogues we used to show customers.

We contemplated artificial grass for a patch of the gîte garden. In the end the local cat population decided us against is, and we use outdoor carpets instead that can be brought in in winter. The decent looking artificial grasses are not cheap and need to be laid properly and a lot of them are truly horrid, - very plastic’y and nasty colours

This one was the best we found.

Velux are not the only manufacturers of roof windows so the size may not be a standard velux GGL one. Look at Fakro and Keylite as well.

It has Velux stamped on it and it has a tatty blind attached also with the Velux name on it.

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could you not take off the old blind and take it to velux stockist for comparison?

Sounds like you"ll be doing a bit of DIY on this. Replace the fabric keeping the mechanicals?


Compared to so many people burning fossil fuels for lawnmowers. Always wanted to see a comparisson…

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Well we know that the lawnmovers are more likely to be electric and use little energy so I cannot see an argument here for energy saving. The very idea of covering my garden in plastic makes me shudder. Reminds me of the Joni song.

Yes agreed but the number of gentlemen lawn tractors in rural france is quite large. And elctric would only be for small lawns usually.

I find the argument largely irrelevant when one looks at the overrall impact to wildlife and the environment. I can imagine people using a small patch of the stuff where the lawn refuses to grow (I wouldn’t) but large lawns ?
Aren’t we supposed to be tackling the huge threat of micro-plastic pollution?
Shouldn’t wildlife and health come before convenience? I would urge governments to ban use by those who don’t care.


“Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you got 'til it’s gone?
They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”

How true.

Artificial grass, as I posted at the start is not for a large area of lawn, it is to do a quick makeover job on my tired looking swimming pool decking. I have had enough doing the yearly repairs and repaint etc. I saw the grass in a local Brico and the idea started to formulate. I even saw a picture on the roll showing the grass laid alongside a pool with a a swim suit clad model walking on it. I have started researching at it appear to be a common solution. I note that it is advisable to lay a foam ‘shock-layer’ first to pad it and to hide the gaps before laying the grass. Alternatively a layer of ‘Marine ply’ can be used but I am sure that this will have its own problems, holes for drainage etc. and even where to obtain it from in France. The area I need to cover is an ‘L’ and the area is reoughly 30 sq m. After spending a fortune on special decking paint that lasted a month before blistering and flaking I am sure that the grass will work out cheaper and last longer…

Velux - replacement blind. I am planning to use a Sun reflective material. The room becomes an oven in the height of Summer and I want to reduce the heat coming in. I am not sure how east this is to obtain and then again refit into the old screen. Very fiddly no doubt. But maybe a lot cheaper than buying a whole screen and frame. anyone know where to buy this stuff? I fancy a light grey on the interior face and silver on the outside.

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Artificial grass can work very well - but …you get what you pay for - the cheaper stuff feels horrible - looks cheap and looks awful after a year as it fades and sheds. It’ll look like a Spanish caravan site in 6 months

It needs to be laid properly - ideally on sand. It drains properly.

You need to clear strong weeds or you’ll have a big hump where the brambles are growing.

On decking - it’ll show every gap - like carpet without underlay. The boards will rot at a stupid rate once covered in plastic.

Fix the decking properly or remove it and start again.

Grass on platforms is fine short term but just creates problem if it’s left there.

Unfortunately the best paint on earth cannot fix a bad substrate. If wood is not in a good condition and very dry its a waste.

We have used a film on the inside that cuts heat entry/exit. Not at home right now but was in order of €25 and cut to measure.

We have also had blinds repaired by local tapissier with black out mateŕial that is black on outside and grey on inside.

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Seems (some) synthetic grass is highly flammable… ooops.

So is real grass in the middle of summer, be careful out there! :blush:

This video came up on my YouTube suggestions… probably because I’d previously watched videos about Greenworks normal mowers

If my lottery numbers come up and I buy a place big enough for a ride on mower then I’d also get one of these.