Artist's impression of White House renovation work


I’d laugh, if I wasn’t so near to crying…:confused:

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Thanks for sharing that James.
I laughed, but I don’t think I’ll share it with my American wife as she is quite sufficiently embarrassed by the antics of Mr Trump already. Being a kindly person at heart, my wife wonders if the present incumbent of the Oval Office will be the first to be removed from office due to being found to be mentally unfit.

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Perhaps you could ask your wife why after all that he said since taking office he still retains a core support within the US or are his racist, bigoted views shared by tens of millons of Americans.

Hi Tim,
Fortunately Mr Trump’s core support are very definitely in the minority. There is no denying that there are indeed racists and bigots in American society, as there are in any other society no doubt, but theirs are certainly not the views of the majority. What I can tell you fron personal knowledge is that there are many dyed in the wool republicans who simply refrained from voting at all in the last US presidential election. They didn’t like the way that the republican primaries had been ‘hijacked’ by Trump’s monetary influence, but at the same time couldn’t bring themselves to vote Democrat, and so they simply abstained.
As to how Trump came to be President in the first place, well that is down to the peculiarities of the election system involving the electoral college. As you probably know it isn’t a ‘direct election’ by the people, which is why Hilary Clinton lost despite having had a larger number of people vote for her. Interestingly, someone only has to win in the 13 states with the most electoral college votes to be home and dry for the presidency. What Trump did was to win the ‘rust belt’ states where the people felt very let down by both the main parties over many decades, by offering them something different — a non politician candidate, and the result was a massive protest vote against the failings of the ‘establishment’.

Hopefully the one good thing that will come out of this mess is a re-evalution of the political process of selecting party candidates in the US, and perhaps even a Constitutional Amendment to disband the Electoral College and make it a direct election where each vote counts equally.

Hi Robert,

I’ve read various articles on-line that suggest Trump is expected to resign possibly before the end of the year, if that were to happen it would be a great time to change the way a President is chosen to ensure a fruitcake like him can never get in the Oval office again.

Well a Trump resignation would certainly make all the Americans that I know deliriously happy, and yes, it would be a good time to start reforming the system.
Probably the first thing to do would be to limit the amount of money that can be spent on campaigning in respect of an individual in the Primaries, and then work on getting rid of the Electoral College, though the latter would be very lengthy task as it would require a Constitutional Amendment.
At present we can only live in hope.