As Johnson tries to deflect by harping on about Swift…

Russian billionaires have been investing in London (and Europe generally) for the last two decades so this can hardly be laid solely at Johnson’s door, the Tories have certainly been willing to accept party donations from any source so his comments do look hypocritical but people need to look at how close France and Russia have grown (economically speaking) over the last few years despite ongoing EU sanctions which perhaps explains why Macron thought he could reason with Putin.

Nobody is blaming Johnson for the sins of his predecessors, it’s his current vacillation that’s the issue. A man that wants to keep everybody happy is not the best leader in times of war, in fact a dithering clown is never a good leader.

So what do you suggest he does John?

I suggest he enacts the anti-corruption and money laundering legislation the Tories have been sitting on for years. That he addresses the fact that nobody knows who owns somewhere between 87,000 and 95,000 properties in the UK because of shell companies and trusts. Not rocket science Tim, just a clean up.


Might this explanation of SWIFT be helpful?

and jus for fun:

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Is that it, I thought you had a grand plan to end the war in the Ukraine, this will have zero impact on Putin.

Well it’s more than Johnson’s done, isn’t it? :joy: