Asbestos in prospective purchase ...walk away?

We have seen a property that we would like to purchase in Charente-Maritime but the asbestos report has come back with some in every room. In boards and floor tiles and some wall coverings (assuming plaster/artex).
Has anyone had experience of removal in france? I understand that these items in the UK can be removed with care and without the need for professionals as long as the required precautions are taken. I understand the danger of asbestos as I have worked in the supply trade to asbestos contractors so I am not naive . Are there recognised disposal dumps for the waste? Or is a total non-touch item and we just walk away. any experience would be gratefully accepted . Ian

this is my reply from a previous thread last year…

"Chances are there will be asbestos in some form in property pre 1997.

The Property Report prepared for the Buyer/Seller should tell you the Level.

Level 1: A technician will inspect your property every 3 years to check the condition of any material containing asbestos.

Level 2: The dust levels of the material containing asbestos on your property must be checked by an organisation accredited by COFRAC (Comité Français d’Accréditation)."

Level 3: The asbestos found in your home must be removed and disposed of safely by a COFRAC-certified contractor (your local mairie can give you a list of qualified companies in your area). You will usually be given 3 years to carry out the removal of any asbestos-contaminated materials.

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work you way down this link to a similar thread

Thanks Stella. Do you know if I can do the work to remove it myself when renovating?

It might be worth having a clause-suspensive put in any contract/promise to buy — insisting that the seller gets the stuff removed… or allows sufficient money off the price for a registered contractor to do the necessary.

What type is it… and is it level 1, 2, or 3 ???

I know there was a ruckus in the village when a chap removed an asbestos shed roof… so, always best to ask at the Mairie before taking something like that on-board.

It is level 1 but the house needs work to bring it up to modern standards which would mean removing some materials containing the asbestos. I don’t want to fall foul of any French officialdom. It looks like the Mairie is deemed the fountain of all knowledge

things may be even more stringent… this link is a couple of years old now…

Frankly it is dangerous stuff… (as you will know)

the Mairie is the place to go for so many things… and if it is not them, they can tell you (politely) where to go… :thinking:

the Mairie is used to folk posing all sorts of questions re property/land for sale… You could have a word before committing yourself … you’ll be wanting to check that you will be able to do whatever it is you are planning on, anyway… best to make sure there is no problem with Asbestos or your “plans”… before you commit to buying…

Thanks for that link. There are collectors of asbestos waste that work in the area. It looks like another visit to the village may be required, we are in Newcastle Tyne and Wear so it’s a bit of a trek . Could be a good price bargaining point though.

Whereabouts in 17 is the house Ian?

Fontaine chalendray

In our commune in the west of Vendee (85), individuals can dispose of asbestos at the local dechetterie on designated days when they provide appropriate facilities for handling the stuff. A charge is made according to the total weight of the material being disposed of.
Definitely worth enquiring at your local Mairie.

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Once had a test done on a house I liked. That confirmed that there was asbestos in the roof slates. The chemist told me that there wasn’t much to worry about, unless it was blue asbestos, but it could be dangerous if you tried to remove it. Then his advice was to keep it damp and wear a mask. But I didn’t buy the house because it was a semi and there is no point in replacing only half a roof.
I have known two people who died from asbestosis, but both as a result of working in unsafe industrial plants many years before.
As the longest lived generation that has ever been, I am constantly amazed at how risk averse we have become. But we all have to die from something. What’s it to be? Coronavirus in about a week or asbestosis in about 30 years time?
And while on the subject of building materials, did you know that spoil from uranium mines found its way into building blocks in some parts of France?

Can’t believe you want to stay here. :grinning:

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Oh dear what a shame, to fall in love with a place then find this. If it were only in the roof (very common) I would say not an issue, just let it be and never touch it. We have lots of friends in older houses with asbestos in the roofing. But if it is everywhere, that is a huge renovation job, taking time, energy and most importantly a bottomless wallet. I guess it is also something you cannot try and tackle yourself, so even those with the best DIY skills should not touch the stuff.

We had some modern, NON-asbstos, roof plaques leftover from the construction of our new home 12 years ago, and hubbie finally decided he did not need a small builder’s merchant down the bottom of the garden and agreed to clear it. What a problem we had trying to get rid of this as none of the usual places would take it - we could not prove it was not asbestos. So, is is easy to dispose of, nope, certainly not in dept 06.

You’ll have no trouble finding those houses in the dark!

Sorry for delay in response guys. Looks like the condition of the property is the least of our worries now.

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There’s so many houses to sell here and so cheap compared to the Uk, I would say keep looking.
If it’s in everything like you say floors, walls ceiling then you will have to pay a recognised company to take it out, which will cost a fortune. Then your left with a shell of a house and the fraction of the value you paid for it, remember with notaires and estate agents fees as soon as you buy you are down over 17% on the purchase price.

I think virtually impossible to take this out safely yourself, and you still have to pay to dispose of it.