Just heard something about the regulations on asbestos (amiante) having changed. We have one roof that we cannot afford to replace yet that is probably affected. This may affect quite a lot of people whether they realise it or not with all the Eternit used for barns, garages, etc. Anybody know what this is about. Have searched around but found nothing on the sites where we would expect it to be.

Fortunately our local decheterie has a disposal unit which is like a large sealed skip, otherwise it would be half way across the department for us too. Wrapping is for trasportation in an open trailer only, big fine for carrying open and any risk of spill onto roads, land, etc.

Well round here in Brittany now you can only dispose of asbestos at a place in Redon and a place in Thiex according to the Maries office. But I guess if you wrap it up so no one sees it its fine in landfill.

As for safety, I have all over suits and masks already plus big, big plastic bags to put the stuff in. I did community fire and emergency training years ago and that was in that, including testing kits that I still have. Done over 1000 kilos alreadv at no cost but car fuel! And being very tired, of course.

Luck has it that I am the son of a builder who spent my youthful holidays on site and have only ever done it myself. That I can strip and get to the decheterie no problem where I have several fellow parents of classmates of my little ones who do 'favours'. We have the quote for a replacement roof which is the big bill that one does not mention without a big clear of the throat...

I would keep your head down and ignore it if I were you a friend has jsut tried to get rid of some, 250 euros for 700 kgs of standard roofing panels. So probably about 20 panels in all. If you dont need to change it dont.

Our maire is still trying to find his head after 20 odd years in office, nice man, very jolly, but perhaps not the greatest asset in this commune! I'll just do what researchers do and plough in until I find no more...

Depts, then cantons, then communes, the osmosis, telepathy or something equally unlikely :)

Thanks Jeanette, trouble is that everybody is expected to know all these things except there are no public notifications! I have lived in the Germanic world so much I expect things pushed in my face whether they concern me or not. One regulation here also always seems to be followed by an accompanying one or two (or more) at an unknown point in time... So we'll have to attempt to keep up like you.