Ash dieback

I’ve got a few big Ash trees in my garden and on my land and I’ve noticed over the last couple of days a lot of leaves on the ground, like in Autumn. A lot of the fallen leaf stems have brown marks on them, but the actual foliage looks OK.
Does anyone know if these are symptoms of Ash dieback disease, and do the trees recover the following year?

It could be Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, which I think is called chalarose du frêne in France. This describes the symptoms. It might not be… I hope for your trees that it is something else.

Bloody ash trees sprouting everywhere in France and the UK, hard to believe its actually a problem

I think that’s the Ash dieback disease, which is a real shame as they’re magnificent trees. Just had a look around my forest, and noticed a few completely leaf free :cry:. Guess I’ll be getting the big chainsaw out…

The leaves in the photo don’t look like dieback…maybe just a bad year?

We have an ash on our terrace, and one year it started to look v sick…dying back from tips of shoots and lost half its crown. We fed it, religiously scooped up any fallen leaves, got the tree surgeon in to reshape it, and it has recovered. May not have been die back of course, but it was looking half dead…

I reckon it’s happening to about 90% of my Ash trees. I’m going to cut one if the smaller affected ones down and check the wood itself. I know the weather’s fairly autumnal here at the moment, but the leaves shouldn’t be falling this early.