Asian hornets in the motherland

I keep telling them, but the Jersey Group are all beekeepers, who keep bees, so the NBU listen to them. I’m only Pest Controller who controls pests, my face don’t fit! I’m also quite outspoken and critical of their methods (correctly so). So I’m persona non grata on the island!

Defra refuse to speak to me.

No UK Gov department wants to hear a non Gov spokesperson. Its a club of unbelievble stupidity that exists to serve only its self.


Yes, there is a paintball pheromone which is shot against the trunk. Shooting the nests is too risky as it distributes the urticant hairs.

The pheromone, applied early summer, attracts the males, so poor little girl moths don’t get the fertilising fun! thus fewer eggs/caterpillars/cocoons

It only works with pine processionary moths, not the oak processionary moth.

It’s also very expensive.

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Exactermaterly :smiling_face: :laughing: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

The problem with the UK is that is very densely populated and kids play in parks kicking their football about.

It will take a kid to kick his/her ball into a hedge with a nest and get attacked for them to understand the problem they have.

The hedges in our local park are covered in them feeding in the summer. But nobody plays football so there is no big risk.

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