Ask....How do I get rid?

I recently installed a Java update on my computer and forgot to uncheck the install Ask toolbar box...

I tried uninstalling it and I keep on getting told to close all Chrome applications...despite the fact that nothing is open...

I tried to do a system restore to a date prior to the installation and that hasn't worked.

Does anybody know how I can shot of this toolbar?

It is driving me mad!!!

Many thanks :)

Brian, yes!! On the 'Change Homepage' choice for Chrome it got a hit straight away. I opened Firefox and it was gone! So thanks, you broke the back of that one.

Now off to cook my dinner, family away for a week so all down to me.

Bloory 'eck Brian, you are going to a lot of trouble to get this beastie. I'll give it a shot later and respond on here.

Just followed what you did. Babylon is all alone, poor thing. I would love to kill it though!

I did try removing the ASK extension in the settings before but it was always blanked out and you cannot deactivate it...naught naughty....!!

Brian. It worked!! Thank you so much! Closing the process is task manager allowed me to continue the uninstallation...

Just did that. Opened up Chrome and the tab is still there, next to the Babylon one. Neither cause any problem Brian, it has become a matter of principle after Babylon being there wherever I open either Chrome or Firefox. Hope you get rid of it though Damaris.

Ben, I have been trying that recently with the new computer. either Babylon nor Ask appear in my Control Panel to uninstall, nor on my Option menu. The two tabs are always there when I boot up and open Chrome, which is why I am asking Google why they are there despite every attempt to delete them. It should be that easy but something is going on that is not quite transparent which might be Damaris's problem too and should be a warning to others to be extra vigilant with updates and downloads.

Apparently this is a "opt-in / opt-out" issue in Java which for the moment is not resolved by Java.

Probably you've seen this site already, where the cure for the reappearing message of closing windows is described? Apparently in your OS it's possible that windows are opened in the background so you can't see them.

I am reposting too Damaris.

I have the same plague with two toolbars. When I got my new computer last week I rubbed my hands and there was bl**dy Babylon and the other whatever. They appear to implant in Google. I have sent a message asking Google to advise, remove or whatever on Tuesday but heard nothing back yet. When (if) I do I'll post it here on Computer Corner.

I had a look and my other one is Ask as well.

In fact, Brian English probably stretched his brain more than I expected of him to try to suggest a solution and I suspect he was as foxed and frustrated as I have been. They do not seem to do any harm, slow nothing down or whatever. I have searched high and low for root files they may have implanted but nothing.