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I'll drop you an email tonight after work (here in the far far far away lands).

Referring back to your question Steve, I have been informed that;

Private individuals who are not deemed domiciled in France for tax purposes may nonetheless be subject to French tax, unless otherwise provided by an international convention.

The tax liability of a salary therefore depends on whether or not one is domiciled in France. If one was domiciled in France and sent abroad as an employed expatriate, it may be possible to benefit from the status of expatriate which allows income tax exemption in certain circumstances.

I can put you in contact with my associate if you would like to know more. I hope that helps

Good Morning Bev, thank you for your question.

The Pound weakened to a 12 week low at 1.1760, driven largely by technical factors, after the rate traded through 1.19.

The ECB are also expected to pump half a billion into European banks to improve liquidity, which should strengthen the Euro and improve demand for euro denominated assets.

The Pound has bounced back towards 1.1870 this morning, however, after UK mortgage approvals rose to a 2-year high, providing further evidence that the economy will avoid a technical recession this quarter.

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Hi Steve, Thank you for your question. TorFX specialise in foreign exchange as opposed to tax related issues, however I have a couple of associates who should be able to answer your question.

Do you want to send me an email explaining your circumstances if there is anything else to add plus your contact details? Thank you

What do you consider to be the trend, in the short term, in the euro/sterling exchange rate?

Working Abroad: If one is working in a tax-free environment and repatriating salary back to a French bank account. Am any I correct in my understanding that this would remain tax-free (it would get declared on my tax declaration here). I expect that interest being accrued in France would be taxable as that is in effect 'earned' in France.

What exactly is formular ZEN PAYABLE on a buisness account with

LCL and is a very silly amount?

Mine goes on food and petrol. That's it. Gone.

Where does all my money go :(