Asking the questions that really (don't) matter

And, into the bargain, not providing a clear answer.

So who is your favourite presenter on French telly?

Well, you weren't really expecting anything profound were you? (I'm off politics and hard news for today).

As far as I'm concerned, there are an awful lot of pretty bad ones, especially in the field of entertainment.

There again, the same is probably true of any country.

But thankfully there's one who stands head and shoulders above the rest in her ability to make me grin with pleasure very time I see her, and there are several reasons.

First up is the show she presents and one for which she's ideally suited.

She's the third presenter to take over the reins - so to speak - and over the past couple of years under her supervision, it has become one of the flagship programmes for M6.

She has a winning personality, bubbly and sincere in equal measure, and to top it all off, she's bright.

Oh yes, and she also has THE most infectious laugh imaginable.

As if all that weren't enough, she lives with a former footballer who demands respect not just for his career on the pitch but also his brains off it.

That has to be a rare combination from many a professional sportsman and is surely virtually unheard of from a soccer player.

I'm talking about former French international and the country's most-capped player Lilian Thuram of course.

And yes, he's a man in case you were wondering.

So back to that TV personality.

Any ideas who the woman might be who is about to bring light to the Summerton household over the next couple of months?

And how about you? Who's your favourite TV presenter.

Or come to that, the one that makes you want to throw the box (and pretty much anything else) out of the window every time you see them on telly.

Benjamin Castaldi perhaps?

Harry Rozelmac - he's drop dead gorgeous' He also comes over pretty well on serious subjects - unfortunately he is asked to report on some pretty dire ones in his "magazine" programme.

I like Estelle too :)

Female: Carole Rousseau
Male: Harry Roselmack

Non, that would be too obvious, but I have been known to sabotage the Neuf-box though.

But shssh, don't tell anyone.

It's Karine Le Marchand.

My daughter rang me earlier this week to tell me that there was a 'where are they now' programme about the last series and that I could watch it on the replay. Still haven't watched it though 'cos I can't get near the b****y telly at the moment because of the football.!

Is Leymergie the mummified one? Castaldi hasn't got the tail!

Oh yes, the obligatory large boobs and wiggly bums on quiz shows and the like are a spectacle in their own right.

OK, hands up, it was a bit of a sweeping statement, rather like those on sfn who criticise french tv out of hand! Yes, their documentaries really are excellent, I don't have rai and make do with snippits of freebees on the internet - the worst I know! - but following Catharine and your suggestions about getting UK TV for the kids' english, I'll try and get RAI too. their thalassa equivilent is excellent "mediterraneo" if I remember correctly. Having said that the size and number of almost completely revealed female chests on most "shows" beggars belief, mind you it does make you watch very attentively...!

We have all the RAI channels for OH to watch and I consider things like news and political programmes amongst the best comedies available anywhere in the world.

yep, they often lack sparkle but I watched a bit of Italian TV the other day and I'd forgotten just how bad it is and even if it isn't brilliant, that at least French TV, when you pick and choose, is pretty OK!

Yves Calvi by a good distance but I wish they would find somebody with real sparkle. How about importing Basil Brush and teaching him French? Buuuum buuum!

very tense, I only turn it on for the news but turn over/off once it's finished - OH tends to leave the drivle on though - drives me mad!

I don't see télématin that much these days (however namedrop - we are going to appear on a thing called Méteo des Emploi which I think happens just before Télématin starts) - what was I saying?

Yes - When William is there you get the impression that there is a really tense atmosphere in the Studio.

I didn't know he was with Karine Lemarchand, but then again I don't often get out of the Aveyron, and when I do it's only into the Tarn which is hardly much better...! I couldn't say she's my favourite, she's OK in l'amour est dans le pré mais sans plus ! But Castaldi is well up there as one of the most loathed figures! Just read the comments below and yes "got it"! With Nick on Yves Calvi, you too I think Johnny, otherwise I haven't really go a favourite, they're all different and as I tend to only get the time for info, I'm not one of those fans of Nico the Greek, Nagui, Kreishmann (no idea how his name's spelt but you know who I mean!) et al. télé matin is beter when whilliam is away! Marie Drucker does it for me...!

I think I've got it, but not 100% sure. Has she just been escorted to the door of TF1?

Yves Calvi for me, so clear and directional, hosts a great debate, great memory and very intelligent.

Worst - William Lemergie - he's a twonk.