Assassin school?

Would you like to learn something useful in your spare time? Add a new

& generate some extra income? Forget Line dancing & flower

arranging. Join
my new course " How to Kill".
Based on the 3 volume book

by John Minnery the object of the course is to
instruct the members in the

techniques of taking another human life. To
quote Mr Minnery “To kill at

close range, five to ten feet or at arm’s
length or closer, requires the

deftness of a surgeon & the ferocity of a
rabid animal”. Do YOU have

these qualities?
The first ten lessons will cover:-
1, The Target

To kill unarmed
3, Clubs for Killers (we are referring to weaponry here -

the social side
is covered in term 2)
4, The Hatchet job
5, Knife

up to 10, Shoot to kill.
A little homework would be required which

should not infringe too much on
family life though a lock on the freezer may

be prudent as the course
advances, & after lesson 7, tasting odd

substances should be discouraged.
We will also be covering the simple ways a

household object can be modified
to assist you in your new skills, such as

the sharpened reamer & the ice
pick with blood arrestor.
Own cloak required.

At the

moment I just want an idea of numbers so that a suitable venue can
be found.

I envisage a cost of 5 to 10 euros per session with a suppliment

for “special” materials.

Just bear in mind that some people have become

very successful in this field
& have increased their income quite a


Please let me have your thoughts to Mark by email
Happy hunting!

ha ha, love it Mark… i think!

The reunions we have can be fun, too! I remember one such, way back in '72 when the class clown tried the old “bucket of nitric acid over the door” trick. Like most of his plans it failed but gave us all a laugh! We nicknamed him “The Jackal” & I believe he became quite famous…

shifts gaze from telescopic sight briefly looks skyward in pensive manner - thinks - Is that not AggroInfo?

LOL : )

  • Puts on Anglo Aggro moderating tone of voice*

Have you got a Siret Number? Will these people be registered or working on the black?
I might delete this post anyway…on the grounds that…it’s funny. And we don’t allow humour. Or free thought. Or most other things come to that.

Toddles off and deletes lots of innocuous posts - randomly

When you’ve got some graduates, I have a neighbour that I’d like you to deal with…what’s the average cost of a hit these days?

I’m in.