Assistance for foreigners in France

I few weeks ago I saw a little announce on the survive France site. Looking for a virtual assistant to help deal with french day to day administrative paper work.

Having tons of experience dealing with the french way of things, being bilingual and self employed for 6 years in France,I replied.

I never thought I could be such a help, thanks to Nikki Pilkington I am now enjoying my Virtual assistant work and so happy to have helped her deal with tons of things.

I have been working with French clients for years now helping them deal with translating and international communication issues, but I hadn’t thought how useful I could be to foreigners speaking very little french in France.

How silly of me, knowing how much I struggled at the beginning to set up my company etc. without having the language problem.

Thanks to Nikki I am now going to offer my services to everyone. She made me realised that there were tons of people like her living in France and speaking very little french. At that I could be a real help.

So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the Phone companies, Gaz de France EDRF, URSSAF, La CAF, insurance companies maybe I could give you a hand.

We all know that France is a dream country in so many ways… But the sometimes lack of customer service skills and complicated administrations can make life here not so easy.

If anyone is interested in my services feel free to send me a message…

Thanks again Catherine James and Nikki…


I think this is an excellent idea!!!

I am a single mother of two and have been since I moved here over 5 years ago. I rely on my maintenance money. URSSAF have been involved with me since the day I moved here. They are convinced I work. That would be a lovely thing to be able to do!! They are now saying I owe them 15000 euros.

I have been told by many other people that I should not be involved with them, even people in authority who have tried to tell them not pester me etc. They won’t listen and it is driving me mad and making me feel very very scared.

Good luck with this venture. I think you will get lots of people asking. My French has improved a little over the time. If I can be of any assistance, then please feel free to ask!!

Post this in the Citizens Advice group too I reckon - loads of people just need a helping hand to get stuff dealt with and you are perfectly placed to do it! x