Assistance with relocation

I wasn’t thinking of Brexit at all for once! Just the general issue of ways in which people are able to demonstrate that they have housing and finances to be allowed a titre de séjour. And if it can be done for non-eu people…

I rather think that for the man sponsoring his nephew… his nephew would probably need to show that he is/was a student or studying or some such… and a specific CdS (whatever) would be allocated according to his situation.

that is very different to the original question…

A retired person wanting to come from UK will need to go through all the hoops which relate to that his/her situation… :thinking:

Nope, he is a mid 30’s man, but presumably applied for whatever is appropriate to him with the help of his uncle.

Yes, having family already here would be a great help… I would think. :wink: :yum: OH did the same when he emigrated to Canada… courtesy of his Canadian Cousins… they had to undertake full responsibility for him… :relaxed:

Way back in '81, before we got married, we declared a "vie concubinage " which at that stage, if I remember correctly, worked for two tax parts and health cover but my girlfriend didn’t get her CdS until we were married a year later.
I think that things were more flexible then, if you got sympathetic fonctionnaire. This codifying everything and putting it into law os considered progress but IMO it actually limits opportunities for a “good operator”, of which i would have considered myself one, in the day. it’s all rules now (often application based) with SFA room for a bit of discretion. :thinking:

Anyway, here’s what our money grabbing Notaire friends think on the matter…

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… then all Brits need to do is wait 10 months :wink:

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