Assistants(tes) d'anglais

If you spent an academic year in France as an assistant(e) (12 hours per week) during or after your British degree course and paid SS contributions you should receive a pension from CNAV, based on your earnings. As a woman you should receive 8/158 for the academic year and 8/158 for each child, no matter when they were born. I do not know the rules for males. I receive 24/158, based on my earnings in 1968/69, which is not to be sniffed at. It goes a long way to paying my local taxes and water bills.

The French are generous. An elderly neighbour receives 20€/month as her now deceased husband spent 3 months as a forced labourer in Germany at the end of the 2WW.

Good to know, that's a fourth fench caisse to add to my list + the UK !

Andrew, Pauline,

Shortly on or after my 45th birthday, I received a statement from some state pensions quango (might well have been the CNAV) on all of my pension contributions ever made in France, and their estimated value. This also included the time I spent working as an assistant in Corsica. I was of the understanding that such a statement is systematically issued to all of those aged 45 who have, at some time or other, worked as employees in France and paid pension contributions. Of course, I imagine that this also requires that the CNAV know where to reach you. It made for very interesting reading !

Thanks, Alex, will look into this ;-)