(mark luscombe-whyte) #1

Does anyone out there know of anyone who is interested in assisting a photographer? I am looking for someone who really wants to learn and is passionate about photography, no experience necessary. I am based between Nimes and Montpellier but most of my work is in the UK, however I should have at least a couple of weeks shooting here this summer and I will be shooting hotels, interiors, people and food. Anyone interested could reply off the board, you will find my details at

(Dennis Goodger) #2

Hi Mark,

I have sent you a mail seperately from here but basically I’m very interested. I have just set up a photography business in France and would like to discuss further.


(Annie Reid) #3

Thanks Andy!

(Andy McNee) #4

Loved your flickr site, you should be teaching courses not doing them!

(Annie Reid) #5

It’ll be in the Brighton area if I do it in the UK.

(Stuart Wilson) #6

Oh bugger, there goes my new direction.

(Annie Reid) #7

Thanks Mark, most of the food was mine. A cook book would be fun. LOL. I’m not looking for full time work either, but am considering doing a photographic course when I sell my house… eventually… Never too old to learn.

(Annie Reid) #8

Any age limit?? I’d love to do it! Have car. Use Photoshop. I dabble already to pass the time:

(Andy McNee) #9

oooh what an offer if only I was 20 years younger I’d snatch your hand off.
If I hear of anyone I will let you know

(James Higginson) #10

You know you want too Stuart!

(Stuart Wilson) #11

Don’t tempt me!!

(James Higginson) #12

If I hear of anyone I’ll let you know, fabulous opportunity for someone.



(James Higginson) #13

Are you looking for an assistant for UK or France jobs or both?