Assurance Cheval - who to use?

Hi there,

Will be signing the papers for my first horse within the next week, so it is very exciting!

Just need to get the nitty gritty sorted out, have been advised that vet checks are really pricey (need to check amounts) but that if I get insurance, the company will vet check the horse - unfortunately after purchase so wont really protect me...

Aside from that though, if anyone could recommend an insurance company for horses that would be really great, I have quotes from Equitanet, Cheval Assur, Cavalassur and Assu Cheval, the prices seems much of a muchness but buying anything online in France concerns me! :)

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Hi Claire,My horse is insured with Equitanet which belong to the MMA group.

She is insured for theft,mortality and veterinary fees and you are right it's an "all in package".I think it's a very good idea to get him insured especially for the veterinary fees,as you say it's peace of mind and vets fees mount up very quickly

Thanks Therese,

Cant believe I missed out such a crucial thing but I am looking to get vets/mortality insurance, particularly the veterinary but they seem to go hand in hand. He will be insured for use at the school on their insurance.

It is really for peace of mind, should anything major or long-winded happen!


Hi Claire, what do you actually want to insure? I assume you already have a licence if you ride in France so this will cover you for anything that happens when you are riding. If you are going to keep him in a club or a pension équestre, he will be covered by their insurance when you are not riding.
However, if you are planning to keep him at home you will need to top up your responsabilité civile. I pay 123 eur, licences for 2 riders and RC for 2 horses if this helps.