Assurance Decennale and how it impacts

I am to put it mildly confused.

If anyone can shed some light I would be grateful.

We bought a house in July, our primary residence, we don't own any other houses.

So I think if I remember from my mountains of reading correctly if and when we go to sell we won't pay any capital gains tax?

My main confusion is arising from getting quotes for essential works on the house - we need a new fosse which we've just got a quote for.

The thing is I was sure I read that legislation had changed and that all artisans had to have by law assurance decennale.

But just found out that the guy who gave us the quote doesn't.

He said it should be covered by our own house insurance. I have an appointment next week with our insurance company and thought I'd pop in and see the notaire also to find out but thought I'd pick a few brains before-hand.

Is this the case?

Would be good to know as I'm getting a builder in today to do quotes for various internal works (knocking out walls, putting in a window, plus some structure work on the barn and roof.

We keep meaning to send ours out voluntarily - we just keep forgetting. Although, saw a copy of a friends quote recently and he has the basic details - ie contract number and who it is with, on the devis.

try and get a copy of the assurance ASAP, we've had experience of trying to claim after the event & the builder went bust, it was impossible. The insurer wouldn't admit liability or even deal with us without us providing the client/contract number of the artisan. Our insurer tried to get the information from the builder but failed so our only recourse was through the courts which I just can't do as it's a long painful process so in the end we are paying for the repairs ourselves.

For all future work we will be obtaining a copy of the assurance decennale with quotes and with each invoice or we won't pay. Once burnt...

OK -it worked, here is a copy of 'multirisque' insurance that ALL artisans must have. I believe it is the equivalent of UK professional liability insurance. Again it shows exactly what is covered and what is not, eg, my husband is a 'menuisier' but 'charpente' is specifically excluded. Make sure you see all the pages as well, so you see the inclusions and the exclusions.

Also note - this is insurance (including the decennale) belonging to an AE - so don't let anyone kid you that it is not necessary or not available to artisanal AEs - it is VERY expensive though!

I'd be surprised that a fosse installer doesn't need a decennale, although not all artisans need one, it depends on the type of work they are doing. However, I have (hopefully) attached a copy of my husbands decennale so folks know what one looks like. It gives the amount of insurance and lists exactly the type of work that is covered.

Don't emploly anyone who doesn't have the necessary insurance!

However, trying to get them to put things right if you are not satisfied is another matter.